Benefits of being a member

Get discounts, payouts and more

It pays to be a member of Wesleyan. Explore an exclusive range of benefits, including discounts on insurance products for you and your business.

Exclusive personal discounts

20% off home insurance

Protect your home and your pockets with our home insurance offer. Get our price match promise then take off 20%. For comprehensive cover for your buildings and contents.

20% off motor insurance

Claim your exclusive discount and feel confident that you’re covered on the road. Get our price match promise then take off 20%. For insurance that pays out for accidents, damages and more.

20% off high-value home insurance

When standard home insurance isn’t enough for your property, get a 20% discount on bespoke cover for your specialist home or high-value home worth more than £500,000.

20% off travel insurance

See the world without worry with 20% off comprehensive cover for your travels. Choose a policy that’s tailored to you, whether you’re off for business or pleasure.

20% off GAP insurance

Enjoy 20% off GAP insurance and protect the value of your car. Get cover for any difference between your insurance pay out and the amount you have outstanding on your finance agreement.

20% off high-value motor insurance

Claim 20% off insurance for your high-value car - with cover designed especially for vehicles worth more than £60,000.

20% off landlord insurance

Do you own one or more rental homes? Get 20% off protection for your property portfolio with landlord insurance from a panel of leading providers.

20% off subsidence insurance

Ready to claim your discount? Get insurance for your home with a history of subsidence, to protect your property against heave, landslides and more.

20% off unoccupied home insurance

Protect your unoccupied home with 20% off comprehensive cover from our panel of leading insurers. For natural disasters, vandalism, theft and more.

20% off non-standard home insurance

Protect your non-standard home with 20% off insurance that covers your buildings, contents and more. And with our 24/7 claims helpline, we’re only ever a phone call away.

20% off renovation insurance

Looking to protect your property at every stage? Get 20% off insurance for home extension and building works from a handpicked panel of leading insurers.

20% off holiday home insurance

Choose a policy that's tailored to your UK holiday home and enjoy 20% off cover for property repairs, alternative accommodation and more.

20% off home insurance with adverse claims history

Has your claims history made it difficult for you to find home insurance? Find cover from a panel of insurers - and claim 20% off as a Wesleyan member.

Discounts for your business

20% off GP surgery insurance

Look after your surgery with 20% off insurance designed for the medical sector. Get cover for everything from your premises to staff belongings.

20% off dental practice insurance

Find something to smile about with 20% off insurance for your practice. Get cover for your business income, the costs of equipment breakdown and more.

20% off dental indemnity insurance

Protect your pockets and your reputation with 20% discount on dental indemnity insurance. Get indemnity cover, vicarious liability cover and more from a panel of providers that meet GDC's indemnity requirements.

20% off cyber insurance

Get 20% off all-round cyber protection for loss and damage to your digital assets, business interruption from network downtime and more.

20% off office insurance

Keep things business as usual with 20% off hard-working protection for your office. Get cover for damage, loss, liability, business interruption and more.

20% off commercial property insurance

If you own one or more commercial properties, you can get 20% off cover that protects your buildings, contents and more.

20% off management liability insurance

Get 20% off comprehensive cover for claims made against you and your company. You can tailor your policy to include liability cover, cover for legal expenses, defence costs and more.

More great benefits of being a member

Alongside discounts and the potential for Mutual Bonus payouts, you’ll also get to vote on key matters in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This is your chance to have a say in how we run our business and share your thoughts with the Board.

There's more too...

Health and wellbeing support

As a Wesleyan member, you can also get free access to personal wellbeing app Wellspace.

Download the app today to start tracking your mood, sleep, physical activity and more.

Mutuality matters

Mutuality isn’t just about providing benefits to our members. At Wesleyan, we also aim to:

  • Help the communities around us, with more than £3.5m donated to good causes by the Wesleyan Foundation since its launch in 2017.
  • Support the education of our future doctors and dentists, through initiatives like The Next Step.
  • Invest in companies that seek to reduce harm, have a positive impact and drive positive change, as part of our sustainable investing approach.

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for our price match and member discounts before you give us a call.