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Policies that provide peace of mind

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we understand that each profession comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Whether you’re a doctor, marketing consultant or real estate agent, it’s important to work with an insurance broker that can offer access to robust policies tailored to the needs of your industry. That’s where we can help.

  • Protection against legal claims
  • Cover tailored to your industry
  • Independent broker with access to leading insurers
  • Support and advice throughout the year, not just during your renewal period
  • Discounted home and car insurance for your staff

Why get PII?

Legal claims have become a reality of the modern-day business landscape, which is why it’s important to have adequate protection in place when things don’t go to plan. This is where professional indemnity insurance (PII) can help.

With access to a panel of leading insurers, we can find cover that’s tailored to your industry and needs. At Wesleyan Financial Services, you can purchase a PII policy to cover an individual or a business with many staff.

Some of the professions we serve:

  • Architects and engineers
  • IT consultants
  • Accountants and financial advisors
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Advertising and marketing professionals
  • Consultants of any kind
  • Medical professionals

How it works

While PII can cover most professional risks, it will not insure against every business threat.

What’s covered? 

We know that everyone’s needs are different, but a policy brokered through Wesleyan Financial Services will typically cover:

  • Professional negligence
  • Cover for claims arising from mistakes, errors, or omissions in the professional services provided.


  • Legal costs and defence
  • Indemnity for damages or settlements awarded to a third party in the event of a covered claim.


  • Defamation
  • Cover for claims related to libel, slander, or defamation arising from professional activities.


  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Protection for claims related to the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information or data breaches.


  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Cover for claims alleging infringement of intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trademark, or patent infringement.


  • Loss of documents or data
  • Compensation for the cost of recreating lost or damaged documents or data resulting from a covered event.


  • Regulatory and disciplinary proceedings
  • Cover for legal costs associated with responding to regulatory or disciplinary actions initiated by a professional regulatory body.

What’s not covered? 

PII provides crucial cover for many professional risks. However, generally, it will not cover:

  • Known circumstances or claims
  • Claims or circumstances that were known to the insured before the policy began.


  • Intentional misconduct or fraud
  • Claims arising from intentional acts, fraud, or wilful misconduct are typically excluded.


  • Contractual liabilities
  • Obligations assumed under a contract that are not related to professional negligence, may not be covered.


  • Fines and penalties
  • PII policies often exclude cover for fines and penalties imposed by regulatory authorities.


  • Criminal acts
  • Cover is usually excluded for claims arising from criminal acts committed by the insured party.


  • Liabilities covered by other policies
  • Some liabilities covered by other policies (e.g., cyber insurance for data breaches), are not always covered by PII.

Why choose us?

Industry expertise

Our insurance professionals have in-depth knowledge of a variety of industries, used to understand the complexities of each profession and to offer the right solutions for your needs.

Tailored plans

We know that 'one-size-fits-all' doesn’t work in insurance. Instead, we work with you to understand the unique risks of your profession, creating cover tailored to your needs.

Responsive support

Our commitment to great customer service sets us apart. Have a question about your policy? Our customer service team is just a call or email away, ready to provide the support you need.

Important information 

Limits, exclusions and charges do apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary. Risk must be acceptable to underwriters at normal term.

Wesleyan Financial Services Ltd is a broker and our insurance products are provided by a number of insurers.

Before you apply for professional indemnity insurance, you should read the following documents:

Frequently asked questions

  • What is professional indemnity insurance?

    Professional indemnity insurance, often referred to as professional liability insurance, is a type of cover that protects professionals and businesses from financial losses from legal claims made against them. This could be for alleged negligence, errors, or omissions in the services they provide.

  • Who needs professional indemnity insurance?

    Professionals across various industries, including but not limited to architects, engineers, IT consultants, accountants, lawyers, medical practitioners, and consultants, can benefit from PII. It’s especially important for those who provide professional advice or services to clients.

  • What risks does professional indemnity insurance cover?

    PII typically covers claims related to professional negligence, errors, or omissions. This can include design errors, financial miscalculations, data breaches, intellectual property infringement, and other professional liabilities. It also covers legal costs, settlements, and damages associated with covered claims.

  • How much cover do I need?

    The amount of cover needed depends on various factors, including the nature of your profession, the size of your business, and the potential risks involved. It's advisable to assess your needs with an insurance broker who can help identify the right cover limit.

    In some cases, a client or contract may state how much cover you should have. Or the industry regulator may require a minimum level of cover.

  • Can I tailor professional indemnity insurance to my industry?

    Yes, many insurance providers offer customisable policies to address each industry’s unique risks. Tailoring your cover ensures that it aligns with the specific challenges and liabilities of your profession.

  • How can I make a claim under professional indemnity insurance?

    In the event of a claim, you’ll need to contact your provider immediately. They will guide you through the claims process, which will usually involve providing details of the claim, and working closely with the insurer's claims teams. Early reporting is crucial for a timely and effective resolution. If you are unsure, you should contact your broker for guidance.