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Are your finances future-proof?

As a lifelong partner to dentists, we understand how hard you’ve worked to create a life for you and your family – but are you protecting it as best you can?

Whether it’s being diagnosed with a critical illness or losing one of your key employees, it’s important to make sure you’re covered against whatever life throws your way.

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you protect your income, mortgage, practice and more.

What type of cover do I need?

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you create a bespoke protection plan tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Our Specialist Financial Advisers can talk you through your options, review your financial situation and advise on the right type and level of cover for you and your loved ones. They'll also be able to identify any risks, and how you can protect yourself against them. 

Income protection

Being off work through ill health can have a real impact on your finances. While sick pay may be enough to see you through initially, what would happen if you were unable to work for longer than expected? Would you be able to cover all of your family expenses?

Wesleyan’s personal income protection plan provides you with the peace of mind that you’re covered beyond your sick pay, paying a monthly income to make sure you can meet all your regular outgoings.

  • Receive monthly benefits to cover your income when your sick pay ends
  • Access a range of support services to help you get back to work
  • Adapt your protection plan as your career progresses
Critical illness cover

While we all hope it will never happen to us, being diagnosed with a critical illness can turn your life upside down. You may have less money coming in due to time off work, which can put a real strain on your family’s finances – not to mention the potential cost of treatment and recovery.

This is where critical illness cover can help, paying a lump-sum benefit upon your diagnosis to make a difficult time that little bit easier.

  • Receive a tax-free lump-sum if you’re diagnosed with a pre-defined health condition
  • Get cover against a list of the most common critical illnesses
  • Benefit from specialist advice on the right plan for you
Life assurance

While it isn’t nice to think about, have you ever considered what would happen to your family if you were suddenly no longer around?

For what could be just a few pounds a week, life assurance can give you peace of mind that your family will be provided for when you’re gone. They’ll receive a lump-sum payout when you die, which can help to take care of the costs that soon stack up.

  • Protect your family’s future after your death
  • Leave a legacy that can be used for any purpose (for example, your children’s education or helping them to buy their first home)
  • Select cover from a range of first-class providers
Mortgage protection

If something were to happen to you, would your family or partner be able to afford the mortgage payments? If they lost your income, would they also lose their home?

A mortgage protection plan can help to take these worries away. You insure your life for the full value of your outstanding mortgage. So, however much you owe on your mortgage when you die, your loved ones won’t have to struggle to keep up the repayments.

  • Helps your loved ones to stay in the family home after your death
  • Receive a lump-sum payout to cover any outstanding mortgage
  • Can be combined with critical illness cover and life assurance

Calculate your health risk

As a busy dentist, you spend your days treating patients - but what about your own health?

Use our simple health risk calculator to see the likelihood of illness, injury or death before your planned retirement age.

Protection for your business

If you own and manage your own dental practice, you’ll know that along with the rewards, comes a level of risk. Would you have a plan in place if your business partner were to become ill? Or the work of a colleague was called into question?

Our Specialist Financial Advisers can work with you to understand the needs of your practice and create a protection strategy designed to safeguard your finances should the worst happen.

Practice Plan, DPAS and FMLM are introducer appointed representatives of Wesleyan Financial Services Limited.

Important information

Limits, exclusions and charges do apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary. Risk must be acceptable to underwriters at normal term.

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