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When the end of your teaching career is approaching, Wesleyan Financial Services can help you prepare for life after the classroom. Retire how and when you want, with our personalised pension and retirement advice for teachers.

When we can help



Get one-off or ongoing advice on pension planning and building a retirement fund

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As you retire

Enjoy a smoother transition into retirement – from leaving the classroom to collecting your pension

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Throughout retirement

For peace of mind during your later years we can help you manage your income and changing needs

Helping you plan for your dream retirement

You've spent years planning lessons. Now's the time to plan for the retirement you deserve.

Our Specialist Financial Advisers are experts in education, and can help you make sense of your financial position, to see how soon you might be able to call time on your career.

And when it’s time to take your hard-earned pension, we’ll explore your options for collecting your cash and investing your lump sum.

Ease into retirement

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to retirement. That’s why we’re here to help you retire when and how you want.

For some, this means slowing down before stepping away. If you’re looking to gradually transition into retirement or dip into your pension pot while you continue to teach, we can help you with any additional planning.

Step back sooner

If you’re longing for some extra retirement years, you might be considering retiring early. But what you get back in time needs to be factored into your retirement planning, as you’ll have more years to fund.

We can help you understand how much you’ll need to retire early and what it could mean for your Teachers’ Pension benefits. If you have Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) with Prudential, these could be factored into your early retirement plans too.

How our advice works

Our Specialist Financial Advisers understand the ins and outs of your profession. They know the challenges you face throughout your career and have specialist knowledge on all things related to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

When you’re ready to get advice, you can book a full financial review - either online via video call or at your home or school. Our meetings are tailored to you, meaning you’ll always get advice on the things that matter most.

Please note, we are not authorised to advise on pension transfers into the TPS. You will need to speak to the TPS if you want to explore this option.


Just need a question answered on the TPS?

We realise you don’t always need the full financial planning treatment. Sometimes, you just want an answer to a question. That's why we’ve compiled a range of handy guides and resources, to help answer your most common Teachers' Pension Scheme queries...

What our customers say...

94% of customers agree their Specialist Financial Adviser demonstrates knowledge of their profession

96% of teachers rate their Specialist Financial Adviser as very good or excellent

94% of customers agree that Wesleyan Financial Services makes them feel valued as a customer

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the advice free?
    Meetings with our Specialist Financial Advisers are on a no obligation basis. If you do choose to take out one of our financial products as a result, there will be an initial advice charge and often some ongoing management charges to pay. While we may make recommendations for you, there’s no obligation to take out any Wesleyan products or services. 
  • What should I prepare ahead of the meeting?

    To make the most of your time with your Specialist Financial Adviser, it can be handy to have your questions ready, as well as any information or documents relating to your finances. This could include any savings and investments, your current Teachers’ pension statement and any life insurance or income protection policy details.

    You may also be asked to complete a ‘Financial Outline’ ahead of the session. This enables you to tell your Adviser about your current circumstances and future goals, so they can prepare an appointment tailored to you.

    If you choose not to complete the Financial Outline in advance, you’ll need to do it as part of your appointment.

  • How long does the meeting last?
    An initial meeting with a Specialist Financial Adviser will typically last around one hour, though it does depend on the complexity of your circumstances.