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Below you will find Wesleyan Group's latest unit fund prices, plus a range of key information, performance charts and factsheets for each fund.

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Please note that past performance is not a reliable indication of how funds will perform in the future. The value of unit prices, your investment and any income can go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invest.

Further information about our funds

  • Medical Sickness Society With Profits funds

    Fund objective

    The Medical Sickness Society With Profits funds aim to provide capital growth over a medium to long term period by investing in UK and International shares, fixed interest stocks, property, cash and other related investments. The funds aim to avoid sharp rises and falls by 'smoothing' the return on your investment over the period of the Plan.

    For performance details, please see the funds factsheets below.

  • How do Wesleyan's unit-linked funds work?

    For more information on how our unit-linked funds work and how we manage your money, please read How our Unit-linked Funds work.

    We also have a more detailed guide about how we run our unit-linked funds called the Unit-Linked Business Principles and Practices Manual.

  • What is Wesleyan's Best Execution Policy?

    When making investment trades, investment firms must take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for customers. This is known as a Best Execution Policy. You can read Wesleyan's Best Execution Policy here.

  • What are the 'bid' and 'offer' prices and why do they sometimes differ?

    Broadly speaking, the 'offer' price is the price at which you buy units with your payments. The 'bid' price is the price at which units are sold back when you cash out all or some of your Plan. In some instances, both purchases and sales take place at the bid price. This varies by product, so if you would like to understand the position of your Plan, please call us.

  • Are there other factors I need to consider when viewing fund prices for the With Profits Fund?

    The unit prices shown for the With Profits funds on this page are not the unit prices referred to in our customer literature, such as in your Plan Document and Key Features Document.

    The price referred to in literature is used to calculate the value of your unit holdings, and reflects the return from adding regular bonuses. This cannot reduce in value, unless a Market Value Reduction (MVR) is in place at the time of a withdrawal being made.

    Instead, the performance and daily unit prices shown represent the full smoothed investment performance of the fund, net of fund costs and charges. This will approximately represent the change in your overall Plan value. The Plan value is the combination of the value of your unit holdings plus your final bonus, and it can go down as well as up. However, the returns experienced by individual customers may be different due to how regular and final bonuses, MVRs and certain product charges can vary at account level.

    Please refer to your Policy or Plan Document and most recent Statement for more information or call us on 0800 058 2965. You may also want to look at the With Profits Fund page for more details.

  • Where can I find Key Information Documents (KIDs)?

    If you are thinking of opening a With Profits Stocks and Shares ISA, Capital Investment Bond or Flexible Savings Plan, you can find the right Key Information Document (KID) for your product and fund here.

  • Voting history

    Investing in companies is a key part of fund management. As shareholders, we have the right to vote on strategic issues that typically range from electing the board of directors to setting executive pay and reward levels, and even more complex areas such as sustainability. 

    We carefully consider all factors and take appropriate action to vote as we see fit. Voting is extremely important to us because it shapes the way a company is managed, which in turn affects the long-term financial returns we can expect to achieve for all those who trust in us to invest on their behalf.

    Our 2022/23 voting record

    Previous voting records

  • Changes to underlying funds
    From time to time underlying funds change. For more details please see the changes to underlying funds.