When you've worked so hard to create a life for you and your family, it makes sense to protect it as best you can. After all, it only takes an illness or injury to put your lifestyle at risk. And if the worst were to happen, what would life look like for those you leave behind?

Protection products make sure that whatever life throws your way, you and your loved ones can meet your financial commitments without a worry.

Financial protection for your profession

Financial protection for doctors

Mix and match a range of protection products to cover your income, mortgage and surgery.

Financial protection for dentists

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you protect your income, mortgage, dental practice and more.

Financial protection for teachers

Protect the lifestyle you've created with specialist cover for your income, mortgage and more. 

Protection products

Income protection

Designed to dovetail with your sick pay scheme, Wesleyan’s Personal Income Protection Plan safeguards your salary when you’re off work through ill health. With specialist policies for doctors and dentists, it means your finances don’t have to suffer when your health does.

Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection insurance provides peace of mind for your family by paying off any outstanding mortgage when you die. At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you find the right protection and the right deal for you – so you can rest assured your family home will remain your family home.

Life assurance

Providing a tax-free lump-sum for your family when you die, life assurance allows you to take care of your loved ones even when you’re gone. Wesleyan Financial Services can find you cover from a range of first-class providers, and even combine it with critical illness cover.

Critical illness cover

We all hope it’ll never happen to us, but people are diagnosed with serious health conditions every day. Critical illness cover protects you by paying out a tax-free lump sum if it happens to you – providing some much-needed stability when life turns upside down.

Tools for planning

Estate planning

Getting your affairs in order for when you die can bring real peace of mind as you get older. Estate planning is key.

Guide to inheritance tax

Keen to protect your assets against inheritance tax? Here’s how you might be able to reduce your liability.

Health risk calculator

We all like to think it won't happen to us. But with this calculator, you can see the likelihood of illness, injury or death before your retirement age.


Please note The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate inheritance tax planning.