At Wesleyan, we know that keeping on top of your finances can be difficult. Whether it's tips for managing your money or helping you understand your mortgage options, we're here to help.

Managing your money

When it comes to staying in control of your money, it can be useful to start with some basic financial principles. Here we share tips for building an emergency fund, creating a budget and understanding credit scores.

Building an emergency fund

What is an emergency fund, and why is it important to have one? From where to keep your money to when it should be used, read more.

Creating a budget

Taking the time to better manage your money can really pay off. From setting realistic goals to choosing a budgeting plan, learn more in this guide.

Credit scores explained

In this guide, we talk through everything you need to know about credit scores - from how they're calculated to why they're important.

Financial wellbeing insights

Whether it's interest rates, inflation or increased living costs, it's natural to feel worried about your money.

Our latest insights can help you understand the big picture and make the right financial decisions for you.

Understanding your mortgage

With interest rates in the spotlight, it can be hard to navigate the mortgage minefield. Here we answer some of your most commonly asked questions and shed light on how the current market might impact your plans.

Worried about mortgages? Get your questions answered

In this article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about mortgages. From interest rates to early repayment charges, find out more.

The impact of interest rate changes on mortgages

The Bank of England base rate is used to determine interest rates in the UK, but what impact does it have on your mortgage? Read the latest.

Insights on your profession

We understand your career, and we're here to support you. See how recent economic changes may have affected your workplace pension, savings and more.


As the cost of living becomes more expensive, we're all keeping a close eye on our finances. Get informed on all your options with our handy resources for dentists.


Wondering how increased living costs might affect your finances? We've gathered the latest insights tailored to medics. 


Read the latest insights tailored to education professionals, designed to help you explore your options when facing rising living costs.

Extra care

We all need a little extra support sometimes.

Whether you're struggling with your finances, facing health challenges or coping with loss, we can help you find your next step forward.

And if you don't feel confident looking after your finances alone, you can appoint someone you trust to speak to us on your behalf.