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A brighter financial future

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we understand the nuances of financial planning for those in the dental profession. 

We have a long-standing heritage of offering financial services and advice for dental professionals through our Specialist Financial Advisers from Wesleyan Financial Services. They can offer tailored financial advice for your career and lifestyle, helping you form a plan to make the most of your money.

Support at every stage of life's journey

Whatever stage you're at in life, our financial advice is something to smile about.

From graduating dental school through to retirement, we can help you step onto the property ladder, build funds to open a practice and protect your income if you're unable to work.

Even when you're ready to pack away your tools, we're here to help you plan for your retirement and make the most of the NHS Pension Scheme - from helping you understand your benefits to investing your payout.

Tailored for you

Get one-to-one advice on all the financial matters that are important to you. You can meet us online via video call or at your home or dental practice.

We tailor our meetings for your individual needs, wants and goals. Whether you're an NHS dentist or you're thinking of making the move to private practice, we'll pair you with a Specialist Financial Adviser that understands your career path, areas of concern and long-term financial goals.

How we can help you

Our Specialist Financial Advisers can help you: 
  • Create a plan to help you reach your financial goals
  • Plan for your retirement
  • Get started with investments
  • Protect your income for unexpected leave
  • Get insurance for your home, car and travel plans
  • Understand the complexities of the NHS Pension Scheme
  • Find the right mortgage for you
  • Get advice on the process of buying or selling a dental practice
  • Review your associate dentist contract
  • Find the right financial advice for your business

And when it comes to understanding the latest updates in dentistry, we're here to clear up:

  • McCloud and the age discrimination case
  • Vicarious liability (the Breakingbury vs Croad case)
  • Contract changes, including changing NHS targets and what this means for your future

Protection for your practice

If you’re already running your own dental practice, Specialist Financial Advisers from Wesleyan Financial Services can also support you on a range of business protection issues.

You can talk to us about things like protecting your business against some of the costs of losing a key person, protecting business loans or insuring to provide funds for efficient succession planning. We can also help you with life cover for employees and employed directors.

What our customers say...

94% of customers agree their Specialist Financial Adviser demonstrates knowledge of their profession

97% of dentists rate their Specialist Financial Adviser as very good or excellent

94% of customers agree that Wesleyan Financial Services makes them feel valued as a customer

Webinars for dentists

As well as getting personalised one-to-one advice, you can also watch our free webinars for dentists - specifically designed to cover the key financial issues for those working in dentistry.

Pension advice

Understanding your pension options can prepare you for a comfortable life when it’s time to say goodbye to dentistry.

Our Specialist Financial Advisers can help you create a plan for your retirement, with guidance on:

  • The tapered annual allowance
  • Your NHS pension lump sum
  • Replacing NHS benefits when moving to private dentistry
  • The process of selling your practice and maximising your income
  • Retire and return
  • Flexible and early retirement

Learn more about our specialist pension and retirement advice for dentists

Protection advice

We understand how hard you've worked to create a life for you and your family - but are you protecting it as best you can?

Whether it's being diagnosed with a critical illness or losing one of your key employees, it's important to make sure you're covered against whatever life throws your way.

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you protect your income, mortgage, dental practice and more.

Mortgage advice

Looking to buy a home or a dental practice? We’ll take the stress out of finding a mortgage or practice acquisition loan.

We know that applying for a mortgage as a dentist can be difficult. That's why we'll find you a lender that understands your profession and long-term earning potential - to improve your chances of a successful application.

As your mortgage is secured on your home, your home may be repossessed if you don’t keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate commercial mortgages.

Investment advice

Are you looking to settle your student debt or open your own practice? With investment advice from our Specialist Financial Advisers, you could get there quicker. 

From Wesleyan’s With Profit ISA to the Capital Investment Bond, we provide advice on a range of investment products. And if you need help with estate planning, we’ll make sure your investments can be passed onto your beneficiaries tax-efficiently.

The value of investments and any income can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Advice in relation to Inheritance Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Business funding

Whether you're an aspiring dental entrepreneur or already established in business, the right finance partner can be key in growing your practice.

From covering costly refurbishment plans to investing in the latest dental equipment, we can help you find the business funding solutions for your needs.

Our advice in action

Hear from associate dentists, Julian and Fiona Keen, as they share their experience of speaking to a Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services - from NHS pension guidance to planning for retirement.

Talk to a specialist

Your Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services will:

  • Take the time to understand your current situation, financial goals, and attitude to risk
  • Assess your financial situation by appraising your income and outgoings and your current and future needs
  • Help you understand your financial options, specially selected to suit your needs and goals
  • Do the research, paperwork, and behind-the-scenes workings to make putting your plans into action pain-free
  • Create a unique financial plan to help you prioritise and develop for the future

Practice Plan, DPAS and FMLM are introducer appointed representatives of Wesleyan Financial Services Limited.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the advice free?
    Meetings with our Specialist Financial Advisers are on a no obligation basis. If you do choose to take out one of our financial products as a result, there will be an initial advice charge and often some ongoing management charges to pay. While we may make recommendations for you, you don’t have to take out any Wesleyan products or services. 
  • What should I prepare ahead of the meeting?

    To make the most of your time with your Specialist Financial Adviser, it can be handy to have your questions ready, as well as any information or documents relating to your finances (such as savings or investment details).

    You may also be asked to complete a ‘Financial Outline’ ahead of the session. This enables you to tell your Adviser about your current circumstances and future goals, so they can prepare an appointment tailored to you.

    If you choose not to complete the Financial Outline in advance, you’ll need to do it as part of your appointment.

  • How long does the meeting last?
    An initial meeting will typically last around one hour, though it does depend on your individual situation and the complexity of your circumstances.
  • How soon will I be able to get a meeting?
    Not long at all. Complete the form today and we'll try to get you an appointment within the next ten days.