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Protect your investments with commercial property insurance for all of your business premises. Whether you own a block of office buildings, a single shop or multiple medical centres, we can find you comprehensive cover for your full property portfolio from our panel of leading insurance providers.

  • Buildings and contents cover
  • Public liability and legal expenses cover
  • Loss of rent cover for money not paid by tenants
  • Conveyancing cover up to £250,000
  • For occupied and unoccupied commercial buildings
  • Advice-based service tailored to your needs
  • Request a quote and we’ll aim to call you within the hour*

*Opening times are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

What does commercial property insurance cover?

We’ll work with you to design a policy that has the right level of cover for all your properties, including options for:

Type of cover
How it works

Multiple properties

Include multiple commercial properties in one policy. Add extra properties as and when you need to, with cover tailored to each of your premises.
Accidental damage
Protect your properties from the inside out with accidental damage cover to both your buildings and contents. This includes damage from fires, floods, storms and impact.
Subsidence, heave and landslip
This covers the cost of work needed on the site of your premises.
Theft and vandalism
Cover the cost of repairs and replacements. For structural damage like broken windows and doors, and contents like office equipment.
Loss of rent
If the tenants of your commercial property temporarily move out, you’ll get cover for the rent you’ve lost.
Public liability
Get up to £5,000,000. This covers costs and damages for bodily injury or damage to your property caused by an accident on your premises.
Conveyancing cover
Get up to £250,000 per premises, for fees you need to pay during the exchange process.
Legal expenses
Get cover up to £100,000 for issues such as employment disputes, legal defence, contract disputes and tax protection.

Excess protection

If you need to make a claim and don’t want to be out of pocket, you can add excess protection to your policy (at an additional cost).

With this cover, you can claim your excess back (subject to your policy limit). It works by reimbursing the excess you pay following the successful settlement of a claim up to £2,500.

What’s not covered?

  • Acts of terrorism
  • That occur on your property or affect your property.

  • Contractors working on the premises
  • Cover doesn’t include damage to your property or liability arising from any major works they’re carrying out. 

  • Certain damages
  • Such as damage caused by wear and tear, vermin and insects, fungus, damp, light, wet or dry rot.

  • Pollution issues
  • Injury or damage to yourself or tenants caused by gradual pollution or contamination.

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Enjoy an exclusive discount on cover that protects your buildings, contents and more. Save 20% when you take out commercial property insurance as a Wesleyan member.

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Our service promise

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Advice and guidance

Helping your business create an insurance policy that’s individual to you.

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Selected panel

Get access to leading providers like Aviva, Allianz, Covea & Travelers.

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Explain the small print

We’ll explain vital exclusions and limitations, and talk you through the claims process.

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Service all year round

We’re here for you whenever you need us. For when your business grows or when it’s time to renew your insurance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need commercial property insurance by law?

    Though it’s not required by law, some mortgage lenders will insist you have it before they let you take out a loan. So, if you’re looking for a commercial mortgage, you might want to bear this in mind.

    And although it’s not a legal requirement, having insurance can really help with the costs of repairs and replacements if something goes wrong at one of your properties.

  • Do I need other business insurance?
    Commercial property insurance offers comprehensive cover that protects your properties from the inside out. However, if you’re looking for something specific, like cover for your computer equipment and systems, you might be interested in adding cyber insurance.
  • Can you find me cover for my residential properties?
    If your property portfolio consists of rental homes, you might be interested in landlord insurance. Whether you’re renting out a single apartment or multiple properties, we can find you a policy without you having to go round the houses.
  • Who is responsible for buildings insurance on a commercial property?

    It’s the responsibility of the building owner to have the right insurance in place.

    However if you let your property, you can charge your tenants for the insurance costs as part of their lease agreement.

  • Who needs commercial property insurance?

    As the owner of a commercial property, it’s likely that any repair costs will fall on you. And while replacing a broken window may only set you back a few hundred pounds, if your business had to close due to major repair work, you could lose significantly more.

    That’s where commercial property insurance can really help. Not only will it cover repair work, but it covers the consequences of closing shop. For example, you’ll be covered for any loss of rent if your property is rented by a business. You’ll also be covered for any legal expenses if you’re taken to court over contract disputes or employment issues.

  • How much does commercial property insurance cost?

    As your policy is bespoke to your needs, what you can expect to pay will depend on a few factors:

    • The properties you want to insure (including the type, size, location and how many there are)
    • The risk level of the premises (we’ll conduct an assessment that looks at your risk of theft, flood and subsidence)
    • Occupancy (if you have tenants, if the premises is shared and if it’s residential or commercial)
    • Your chosen level of cover (you can choose your cover value for public liability and more)
    • If you add optional extras to your policy for a cost (such as excess protect)
  • Can I still get cover if my commercial property is unoccupied?

    Yes, you can. Most insurance policies allow up to 30 days of unoccupancy on a property with the potential to extend this if needed.

    There are some cases where your property may be unoccupied for much longer. For example, if you’re renovating or in-between tenants. If you find yourself in this situation, we can find you bespoke unoccupied property insurance, which will usually cover you from two to twelve months.

  • Does commercial property insurance cover theft?

    Theft cover is included if you have contents cover as part of your policy. If you opt for just buildings cover, you’ll only be covered for any structural damage caused by theft or a break-in. You may also be covered if your keys to the property are stolen.

  • Is commercial property insurance tax deductible?

    Yes, commercial property insurance is classed as an allowable expense by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), meaning it’s tax deductible. You can discuss this in more detail with your accountant.

    Tax treatment depends upon your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

  • What’s the difference between commercial property insurance and landlord insurance?

    Commercial property insurance protects properties that serve as a working environment, like offices and workshops. These properties are typically constructed differently to residential properties and have more complex amenities. For example, they could be made of steel and concrete, with complicated electrical systems and heating.

    Landlord insurance on the other hand covers residential properties. These are usually bricks and mortar buildings with live-in tenants.

    Both the build and how the property is used affect the risks you might face as the property owner. That’s why it’s important to have the right policy for your property.

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Important information

Please note that limits, exclusions and charges do apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including benefits and exclusions, will be provided when you get a quote.

Risk must be acceptable to underwriters at normal terms.

Wesleyan Financial Services Ltd is a broker and our insurance products are provided by a number of insurers