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At Wesleyan Financial Services, we understand that special cars need specialist cover. That’s why we offer high-value car insurance exclusively for cars worth more than £60,000. As well as the cover you’d expect, you can protect the true value of your car with our agreed value cover.

  • Insure all your vehicles under one policy
  • Courtesy car comparable to your current vehicle
  • Choose a repairer you trust or use our established insurer network
  • For classic cars, sports cars, motorcycles and more
  • Tailored cover from a selected panel of leading insurers through our personalised advice-based service
  • We'll aim to call you with a quote in 10 minutes*

* Opening times are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

What's covered?

We understand that everyone’s needs differ, which is why you can tailor your policy to include:

  • Breakdown cover assistance
  • This covers UK or European cover and home start (if your car breaks down at your home).

  • Legal expenses
  • Covers the cost of legal expenses if you're involved in an accident.

  • Windscreen cover
  • Covers the cost of repairs and replacements if your windscreen is cracked, chipped or smashed.

  • European cover
  • Up to 90 days European cover as standard with an option to extend beyond 90 days.

  • Courtesy car
  • If your car is stolen or involved in an accident, you’ll get a courtesy car that’s a similar specification to your current car.

  • Choice of repairer
  • Put your car in safe hands with a repairer of your choice or choose a garage from our established insurer network.

  • Multi-vehicle cover
  • You can insure all your vehicles under one policy, including sports cars, classic cars and motorcycles. And with one policy for all your vehicles, you’ll only have one renewal date to manage.

  • Agreed value cover
  • You can agree a fixed value for your vehicle with your insurer. Usually reserved for classic cars and motorcycles, we also accept other vehicles (subject to certain qualifying criteria).

What's not covered?

While high-value car insurance can offer comprehensive cover, it can’t cover everything. You won’t be insured for:

  • Any wear and tear
  • Such as gradual deterioration from everyday use.


  • Any mechanical or electrical failure or breakdown
  • For example, an electrical failure with your brake lights and windshield wipers, or a mechanical failure like ABS malfunctions or worn brake pads.


  • Theft with keys
  • You won’t be covered if somebody steals your car while your car keys are left inside or on your vehicle. This also includes attempted theft.


  • Claims reported after 180 days
  • Legal costs won’t be covered for any claims you make 180 days after the event takes place.

Are you a Wesleyan member? Save 20% on your insurance

Get cover for your car at a lower cost. Enjoy an exclusive discount when you take out a high-value car insurance policy as a Wesleyan member.

See eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

  • I own several high-value cars. Can I insure them all under one policy?

    Yes, you can add all your cars and motorcycles to one policy, as long as each vehicle is worth more than £60,000.

    The cover levels may be different for each vehicle, depending on your wants and needs. We can discuss this with you when you get a quote.

  • What factors will affect my insurance premium?

    There are a few factors that influence your insurance premium. For example:

    • The make and model of the car. The more expensive your car, the higher your premium is likely to be.
    • Added specifications. If your car has additional safety features, then this could lower your premium. On the other hand, a custom exhaust or tinted windows will likely increase the cost.
    • Your age. Younger people can expect to pay more than older, experienced drivers.
    • Your car’s age. Generally speaking, the older the car the lower your premium. However this may not be the case if you have a vintage, luxury car.
    • Location. Driving in a built up, high traffic area could see you paying a higher premium than someone with a countryside postcode. This is because you have a higher risk of being involved in a car accident in a city. You may also pay more if you live in an area with a high claims rate.
    • Your driving habits. Your insurer will look at your expected annual mileage when calculating your premium. The further you drive, the more wear and tear you’re likely to experience.
    • Previous claims. Unfortunately, your claims history could affect your premiums.
  • Can I include GAP cover?

    Yes, you can often have both GAP insurance and high-value car insurance. If you’re looking to buy GAP insurance through Wesleyan Financial Services, you can insure a vehicle worth up to £150,000.

    You’ll also have to meet the eligibility criteria, which includes your car being new or nearly new. Therefore, GAP insurance isn’t suitable for vintage or second-hand cars.

  • Will I be covered for track days?

    Unfortunately not. Taking part in track days using your own car puts you at a higher risk and won’t be covered by the majority of policies.

  • Can I insure other high-value possessions?

    As a broker, Wesleyan Financial Services has access to a panel of insurers that provide high value protection for cars, homes and their contents.

    You can find out more about high-value insurance products in our guide to high-net worth insurance.

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Important information

Wesleyan Financial Services Limited is a broker and its insurance products are provided by a number of selected insurers.

Limits, exclusions and charges do apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions, will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary. You can get these with your quote.

Risk must be acceptable to underwriters at normal term.

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