When you’re thinking about retirement, it pays to plan ahead. At Wesleyan Financial Services, we offer specialist advice for medical professionals. From NHS Pension guidance to support with managing your wealth – we’re with you every step of the way.

Helping you understand your NHS pension

While the NHS Pension Scheme provides a range of benefits, it isn’t always the easiest to understand. We’re here to cut through the jargon, explaining everything from the McCloud Judgement (age discrimination ruling) to pension taxation.

As your NHS Pension will play a key part in funding your retirement, it’s important to decide when and how you’ll access it. This will impact what your retirement looks like, including when you can realistically retire.

We can help you:

  • Explore all your pension options
  • Make the most of your benefits
  • Discover ways to invest your pension lump sum
  • Plan alongside a partner.

As part of your pension planning, your Specialist Financial Adviser can provide a full pension assessment report. This will show you how on track you are to meet your retirement goals. We can then create a personalised plan to help you get there sooner.

Learn how recent tax changes could impact your retirement plans...

In 2023, the Government raised the annual allowance, and announced that the lifetime allowance was to be abolished altogether.

These changes could have a huge impact on your pension and retirement planning, but your Specialist Financial Adviser can help you make sense of it all.

Your route into retirement


Want to start drawing your pension but aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to your patients? If you don’t want to retire just yet or you’d like to continue adding to your post-work fund, you might be weighing up an alternative route into retirement.

We can talk you through your options, from taking a flexi-retirement to the NHS ‘retire and return’ route.

Retiring early

If you’re looking to call time on your career early, we can advise you on your options for taking an early retirement.

Your Specialist Financial Adviser can explain how retiring early may affect your NHS Pension benefits, how much money you’ll need to retire at your chosen date and any other questions you might have.

Funding your retirement

Whatever your plans are for your post-work years, you’ll need an income to help you achieve them. While your NHS Pension will provide a starting point, it may not be enough to cover all your plans.

If you’re thinking about travelling the world, retiring early or simply want to enjoy the finer things in life – you’ll likely need additional income.

Building a plan

We can build a personalised income plan to help you fund your retirement and boost your NHS Pension benefits. We can also help you adjust your plan throughout your retirement, as and when your circumstances change. For example, to cover the cost of care in later life.

If you’re a doctor with private income or a GP partner trying to understand your business exit strategy, we can help you understand your options.

Join the Retirement Club

When you get pension and retirement advice from Wesleyan Financial Services, you’ll get an exclusive invite to join our Retirement Club.

As a member, you’ll get private access to a range of guides and tools designed to help you transition into retirement and beyond.

How our advice works

When it comes to helping the hard workers of the health service, we have a wealth of experience. As many of our Specialist Financial Advisers exclusively work with medical professionals, you’ll always get retirement advice tailored to your profession.

To get started, we’ll match you with an adviser in your area. They can meet you online via video call or at your home or medical practice.

Whether you want a one-off financial review or you’re looking for ongoing planning support, your adviser will be on-hand ready to help.

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