Investing with Wesleyan

How to start your investment journey


Introducing Wesleyan

180 years of helping you achieve your financial goals

Our founders created Wesleyan to help people through the financial difficulties caused by the first industrial revolution. Since then, we’ve dedicated our services to helping our customers save for rainy days, prepare for the future, and build wealth to reach their lifelong goals.

We believe everyone deserves financial security. And with our range of investment products, you can find an option that suits your long-term financial goals.

Please remember the value of investments and any income can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

The benefits of investing

While saving is a great way to set aside a lump sum of money for a rainy day, investing offers the opportunity to grow your wealth and make your money work harder. Deciding which option is best for you will depend on your financial goals, your attitude to risk, and the level of commitment you can stick to.

Once your money is invested, you’re looking at an average minimum commitment of five years. It’s therefore wise only to invest money you won’t need in the short term, as it may take a while to see a good return on your investment.

Investing your money offers the potential to get higher returns on your money than you would from interest in a savings account. Investing also has the potential to help lessen the impact of inflation.

There are many investment options on the market, including Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers unit trust funds and stocks and shares ISAs.

Wesleyan's approach to investing

Wesleyan is a long-term investor. Our core strategy is ‘buy and hold’, meaning our portfolio turnover is generally lower than the industry average. 

Our Fund Managers look for investments that represent good value. They might be out of favour with the wider market, but they have the long-term potential to grow in value. On days when markets are down, we’re more likely to be buying stocks and shares than selling them.

As a mutual, we have no shareholders and are owned by our members. We put your best interests at the heart of all we do, ahead of the need to maximise short-term profit.

We're a company that cares. We even won Investment Team of the Year at the Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2020.

How we put you first

We manage your investments for you

Spend more time doing the things you love, safe in the knowledge that we’re taking care of your investments.

We’re patient investors

Our ‘buy and hold’ strategy means we often benefit from lower trading costs, meaning you benefit with us.

We have a long-held preference for shares

We believe stocks and shares are a steady investment opportunity, as they can withstand the ups and downs of changes in the market.

We target sectors and shares with long-term value

We don’t just follow trends. We make smart investments based on our research and expertise to achieve long-term value.

How to get started

We've created a handy investment calculator to help you get started. Whether you're committing to a one-off lump sum or investing regularly, we can give you a better idea of your potential return over time.

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