ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts)

The tax-free way to save or invest

Protect your savings from UK tax with an ISA – the account that helps you keep all the interest or investment gains you earn. From the simple cash ISA to a choice of stocks and shares ISAs, there’s an account to suit a range of savings goals.

Bear in mind the value of investments and any income can go down as well as up, and you may get back less than you invest.

Stocks and shares ISAs

You can pick one stocks and shares ISA to invest in for the tax year...

With Profits ISA

Worry less about market dips with the With Profits ISA - the stocks and shares ISA with 'smoothing' to help reduce the ups and downs of investing. It also aims to deliver bonuses linked to Wesleyan’s profits as a business.

WUTM Unit Trust ISA

A straightforward stocks and shares ISA, the Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers (WUTM) Unit Trust ISA allows you to invest your tax-free ISA allowance in up to six managed funds.

Junior ISAs

Goodbye piggybank, hello ISA. Introduce your children to smarter saving with a choice of Junior ISAs...

Wesleyan Bank Junior Cash ISA

Build your children’s cash savings up to £9,000 a year without affecting your own ISA allowance. Family and friends can chip in too.

WUTM Unit Trust Junior ISA

Invest your children’s cash in the stocks and shares ISA designed to help you save for their future - looked after by award-winning fund managers.

Cash ISAs

Wesleyan Bank’s easy-to-manage cash ISAs offer competitive interest rates, with no tax to pay on your interest.

Wesleyan Bank Cash ISA

With competitive interest rates and anytime withdrawals, the Cash ISA from Wesleyan Bank is an ISA without compromise.

Internet Only Cash ISA

Happy to manage your finances exclusively online? Get the certainty of a fixed interest rate with the tax advantages of an ISA.

Savings made simple: ISAs explained...

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