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Specialist financial planning for doctors with private practice

This webinar focuses on specialist financial planning for Doctors that have set-up, or are considering setting up, a limited company for their private income. We discuss how you can make this income work harder for you to maximise profits and better support your own financial future.

This webinar takes place 4th June at 7pm-8pm.

Estate planning made simple

This is a webinar on the world of estate planning. A topic many of us may not enjoy thinking about, but one that's so important to ensure your assets are dealt with as tax efficiently as possible after your death. We discuss everything from estate planning strategies to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

This webinar takes place 10th September at 7pm-8pm.

Planning for retirement

This webinar covers retirement planning and the options for retiring early. We discuss what retirement means today and the associated challenges this brings, NHS Pension Scheme considerations, pension age discrimination and tax implications.

This webinar takes place 7th November at 7pm-8pm.

On demand webinars

More live webinar dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can watch the following sessions on demand...

Investing in a time of crisis

Head of Medical at Wesleyan Financial Services, Alec Collie, talks to Director of Investments, Martin Lawrence, and Specialist Financial Adviser, Julia Blakiston, about the current state of investment markets - including things people need to think about if they are planning to invest over the coming months and years.

Primary Care Networks: managing your risks

In this webinar, you'll learn about the risks that Primary Care Networks face. Find out how you can mitigate against these risks, and what your options are for any that remain.