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Locum insurance

A helping hand when hiring a locum

Why get locum insurance?

Hiring doctors and key staff can be extremely expensive. While NHS reimbursement will pay part of the bill, it’s not always enough to cover the full cost. Locum insurance through Wesleyan’s Practice Protector Plus plan pays for replacement doctors, specialist nurses and pharmacists when you need them the most. 

  • Covers the cost of hiring both internal and external key staff
  • Single policy that lasts as long as you need it, with no need to renew each year
  • Tailored to your practice needs by a team of Specialist Financial Advisers from Wesleyan Financial Services
  • An annual review of your cover to make sure it’s still right for you

How it works

Finding cover for GPs and key staff can seriously hit the pockets of your practice partners – especially if you need it long term. And with daily costs of GP locums now up to £1000* in some areas, our Practice Protector Plus can make a real difference.

This comprehensive locum insurance covers the cost of hiring locums, temporarily replacing key staff and providing sick pay benefits to your employees.

Your Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services can establish the right level of cover that’s perfect for your practice, whether you have three members of staff or thirty. Our Practice Protector Plus can be tailored to your practices needs.

*Medeconomics Survey of GP locum earnings UK, August 2020

What’s covered?

Cover without medical evidence

Regardless of medical history, a guaranteed benefit (up to £2,000 per week) is available for all doctors and staff.

Locum and role replacement cover

Up to £4,000 per week for roles including GPs, practice managers, pharmacists and specialist nurses.

Sick pay cover for key employees

Up to £2,000 per week for other employed key staff, including practice managers, practice nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and admin staff.

Payments for extra shifts

For GPs covering shifts within and outside of their normal schedule.

Practice Locum Cover Plan

When you take out our Practice Protector Plus as locum insurance cover, GPs will also get the Practice Locum Cover Plan at no extra cost (provided through a third party).

You’ll be covered for jury service and suspension from work, family emergencies, bereavement, plus paternity or adoption leave. You can find out more here.

Important information

Find out how we can tailor your plan to fit your practice and budget: