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How much could your investment grow?

Our stocks and shares ISA calculator shows the growth you could potentially see by investing in a With Profits stocks and shares ISA. It'll also give you an idea of the returns you could make based on different market conditions.

Calculate your potential returns with a lump sum or transfer, monthly payments or a combination of the two.
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New to stocks and shares ISAs?

To find out more about stocks and shares ISAs and how they work, take a look at our handy guide. Among other things, you will find out:

  • What a stocks and shares ISA is
  • The associated tax benefits
  • Whether a stocks and shares ISA is the right choice for you

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Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the minimum I can invest in a With Profits Stocks and Shares ISA?
    Depending on how you choose to invest, you can either get started with a minimum lump sum of £1,000, or make monthly contributions of £50 or more. You can also transfer in any existing ISAs you may have.
  • Can I have more than one stocks and shares ISA?
    Yes you can, you can have as many stocks and shares ISAs as you like. As of April 2024, you can also contribute to more than one stocks and shares ISA in the same tax year.
  • Can I transfer other ISAs into the With Profits Stocks and Shares ISA?
    You are free to transfer other ISAs into your With Profits Stocks and Shares ISA. We accept stocks and shares ISAs, cash ISAs, innovative finance ISAs and Lifetime ISAs. Please be aware of any charges your existing provider may make for transferring out, as well as ensuring you follow the correct procedures for transferral. Find out more about transferring existing ISAs into a With Profits Stocks and Shares ISA.