How With Profits Funds work

...and what makes them unique to other investment types out there.


Investing in funds

If you’re considering investing into a With Profits Fund, you may not know how they work and what makes them unique to other investment types out there.

When you invest in any fund (including With Profits) you’re investing in what is known as a ‘pooled’ investment. This means your money is added to all other investments made by individual investors in the fund. Think of the fund as a basket full of investments, with each investor holding their fair share of the basket. A specialist fund manager can then makes all the decisions of when to buy, sell or hold investments within the fund, meaning an investor, such as yourself, doesn’t have the difficult job of trying to manage their own investments.

What are With Profits Funds?

With Profits Funds generally invest in shares (also known as ‘equities’ or ‘stocks’), bonds, property, and cash, and are medium to long-term investments. So, the longer you leave your money invested in the fund, the more potential there is for growth. If your investment does well, returns are paid to it in the form of bonuses. You may also be entitled to a final bonus when you cash it in.

Smoothing out the highs and lows

If the volatility of the stock markets is a concern for you, but you still want to invest, a With Profits Fund could provide a smoother investment journey. This is because of a unique to With Profits element known as smoothing.

Smoothing aims to reduce the impact of sharp rises and falls in the markets. It works by holding back some fund returns when market performance is strong, to support customer returns when the markets experience losses.

Wesleyan's With Profits Funds

You can invest in our Funds through a range of products, including our With Profits ISA and Capital Investment Bond. Here’s why you should consider our With Profits Funds to invest your money.

  • Our award-winning in-house investments team do all the hard work for you - investing your money with a long-term view, they use periods of market volatility to find investment opportunities they believe will benefit our customers over the longer term.
  • We invest in a range of assets - including shares, property, fixed interest (including government bonds) and cash. 
  • Mutual status and financial strength - in addition to the returns generated by our Investments Team, investors’ returns can also be boosted through a share of our profits. 

The value of your investment, and any income, can go down as well as up and you may get back less money than you invested.

How our With Profits ISA has performed

If you invest with us, it’s good to know how your investments have performed. The illustration below shows how much your plan would be worth if you had invested a one-off lump sum of £10,000 in a Wesleyan With Profits ISA on 1 January 2012, and the actual growth over ten years – showing an 82.38% increase on your investment*.

Amount invested
Length of time invested
How much you would have got back
Ten years

Responsible Investor of the Year

As a responsible investor, we are truly dedicated to achieving sustainable long-term outcomes for our customers and the wider world. In recognition of our approach, we were named Responsible Investor of the Year by the Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2022.

Read more about this and our commitment to sustainable investing.

* The table below shows the actual cash-in values for the With Profits ISA on 1 January 2022, if you had invested a £10,000 lump sum at certain points in time.

1 Jan 2021
1 Jan 2020
1 Jan 2019
1 Jan 2018
1 Jan 2017
1 Jan 2012

Historical figures shown are net of initial, ongoing and Annual Management Charges (AMC) and are not guaranteed. Figures also include the effects of smoothing with regular and final bonuses added.

Source: Internal figures as at 1 January 2022.

It’s important to remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance and the value of your investment can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Investing is a long-term home for your money, so the longer you leave it invested, the greater the potential for growth.

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