Cover that’s all about you

When you've worked so hard to create a life for you and your family, it makes sense to protect it as best you can. Whether you’re looking to protect your income, home, travels or family, Wesleyan Group's range of insurance and protection products are here to give you peace of mind.

Insurance for the home

Protect your property with insurance tailored to your home. Get cover for your buildings, belongings and mortgage from a panel of leading providers.

Home insurance

Insure your home with comprehensive cover for your buildings and contents. Ideal for houses worth up to £1,000,000 and belongings up to £75,000.

High-value home insurance

When standard home insurance isn’t enough for your property, get bespoke cover for your specialist home or high-value home worth more than £500,000.

Landlord insurance

Do you own one or more rental homes? Protect your property portfolio with landlord insurance from a panel of leading providers. 

Subsidence insurance

Get insurance for your home with a history of subsidence, to protect your property against heave, landslides and more.

Renovation insurance

Looking to protect your property at every stage? Get insurance for home extension and building works from a handpicked panel of leading insurers.

Cover on the road

Choose from a range of policies to protect yourself, your vehicle and your pocket.

Motor insurance

Feel confident that you’re covered on the road, with insurance that pays out for accidents, damages and more. Take the wheel and choose a level of cover that suits your needs.

GAP insurance

Protect the value of your car with GAP insurance. Get cover for any difference between your insurance pay out and the amount you have outstanding on your finance agreement.

Tailored to your travels

Travelling is exciting, but it can be stressful. Insurance can provide you with peace of mind, whether you’re away for work, study or pleasure.

Travel insurance

Take the stress out of travel with insurance for holidays and business trips. Get cover for cancellations, delays, medical expenses and more.

Medical elective travel insurance

Studying abroad as part of your medical elective? Get standard travel insurance with tailored extras perfect for medical students, like cover for needle-stick injuries.

For all stages in life

Whatever life throws your way, protection products can help you and your loved ones meet financial commitments without worry.

Life assurance

Guaranteeing a tax-free lump-sum when you die, life assurance allows you to take care of your loved ones even when you’re gone.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover provides a lump-sum payout if you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition. Get your cover today.

Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection provides peace of mind for your family by paying off any outstanding mortgage on your home when you die.

Income protection

Designed to dovetail with your sick pay, income protection safeguards your salary when you’re off work through ill health.

Income protection for medical students and new doctors

Let Wesleyan support the start of your medical career, with specialist income protection for medical students and newly trained doctors.

Income protection for dental students and new dentists

A specialist income protection plan for dental students, to get your new career off to a secure start.