We could all do with a spot of help when it comes to financial matters and these guides cover everything from taxes to investments and pensions. Find the right guide for your financial needs below.  

Tax planning for you and your family

Guide to inheritance tax

Learn all about inheritance tax (IHT) with our comprehensive guide, Including what it is, how it's calculated and how you could potentially reduce your liability.

Guide to trusts

How do trusts work? What are the different types of trust? How can you set one up and how can they help manage your beneficiaries' inheritance tax liability? Find the answers in our handy guide.

Tax rates 2024/2025

Discover the tax rates, brackets and allowances for the current financial year, with our useful guide that helps you to plan ahead regarding your potential tax liabilities.

How to plan your estate

Find out what estate planning is, how to go about it, the benefits for your loved ones, and why everybody needs an estate plan.

Higher rate tax planning

Find out more about the approaches to tax planning that could save you money, including making the most of pensions, investments and allowances.

Investing for the future

Below is a selection of guides to help you learn more about investing. You'll find a full range of investment guides here

Quick guide to investing

From taking your first steps and understanding risk, to diversification and investment options, this guide gives you a solid introduction to the world of investing.

Investing vs saving

Should you save your money or invest it? Our guide looks at the pros and the cons of both approaches to getting a return on your money.

Long-term vs short-term investing

Which is potentially a better approach to investing? Read our guide to discover the ins and outs of investing for both the short and the long term.

Planning for retirement and pensions

Get a head start on your retirement planning with this selection of guides. You'll find a full range of retirement guides here

What are your pension options at retirement?

There's more than one way to access your pension once you decide it's time to retire. Find out more about the different ways to take your pension at retirement.

Civil partnerships and pensions

Are you in a civil partnership and unsure of how the pension rules could affect you or your partner? Read our guide to pension rights for couples in civil partnerships.

Taking early retirement

Looking to leave the world of work sooner rather than later? Find out all you need to know about taking, and affording, an early retirement.

Take a look at our financial calculators

Plan ways to achieve your financial goals with a little help from our suite of calculators. Whether it's savings or investments, mortgages or insurance, there's a financial calculator here to help you.