Sustainable investing

Because we all care about what our money’s doing, not just how it’s doing.

Positive returns, in more ways than one

At Wesleyan, we proudly manage more than £8 billion of our customers’ and members’ money in companies across the globe.

As a mutual, we strive to make sure that the impact we have on the climate and our communities does as much good as the impact we have on your investments.

Here you'll learn about our approach to sustainable investing, and how to invest sustainably with us.

Our approach to sustainable investing

Just as we’re dedicated to delivering better outcomes for you, we’re committed to investing in companies that seek to reduce harm, have a positive impact and drive positive change. Companies that are actively working to protect the environment and tackling the issues that impact the planet and its people.

To find out more about sustainable investing and what it means to us at Wesleyan, read our brochure.

The three core principles of our approach

Reducing harm

When you invest with Wesleyan, you can rest assured that we will invest your money in businesses committed to reducing the negative impact they may have on people, communities and the environment.

As an example, we only invest in oil and gas companies that extract in a responsible manner and have comprehensive commitments to be carbon net zero by 2050. Similarly, we do not invest in companies who produce paper products from unsustainable sourcing of timber linked to habitat destruction. We do not invest in companies that produce civilian firearms or tobacco.

These positions are reviewed on a regular basis, in line with the views of our members.

Positive impact

To many people, sustainable investing is about the companies or industries they choose not to invest in. For us, it’s as much about the ones we do. So, who do we invest in?

Companies that actively combat climate change. Companies that improve well-being through medical innovation. Companies that provide greater access to healthcare and education, or promote sustainable cities and communities through affordable housing, mass transit and more.

We have set specific goals and minimum targets to measure the positive impact we have - with a commitment to having at least 10% (and no upper limit) of assets in a fund invested in these areas.

Driving change

At Wesleyan, we aim to have a strong and positive influence on all the companies we invest in.

We're committed to being a force for positive change, challenging and helping the businesses we invest in to develop and improve their own sustainability approach. Encouraging them to invest in the right way, so they too can make a better contribution to our environment and society.

More ways in which we support sustainable investing...

Signing up

We are proud signatories of the internationally-recognised UN sponsored Principles for Responsible Investment and Climate Action 100+ 

Speaking out

We’re an active shareholder of the companies we invest in - voting against management where proposals go against our beliefs on sustainability. 

Setting targets

All our investment funds have carbon footprint targets - and we’re working towards our whole investment portfolio being carbon neutral by 2050.

Explore our investment products

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