Annual General Meeting

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Every year, the Society holds an Annual General Meeting, giving our members the chance to have a say in how we run our business.

If you are a member of Wesleyan, you are entitled to have a say in the way we run our business, by voting on resolutions in our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This year’s AGM takes place at 2.00pm on Thursday 26 May.

Since 2020, we have delivered our AGM online. This allows our members to come together in a secure and accessible way, and gives you the option to actively participate.

There are three ways that members can take part in the 2022 AGM:

  • Online - To vote online visit and follow the instructions on screen. You will be asked to enter your unique security codes which you will have received by post or email. You will need to complete the online form by 2.00pm on Tuesday 26 May 2022. If you haven’t received your codes, please email
  • By post - If you are unable to vote online, please fill in the proxy form. You will need to ensure that your form arrives no later than 2.00pm on Tuesday 24 May 2022.
  • In person - To vote in person via the online platform, please confirm your participation via or log in with the details you received by email or post for your joining instructions. We will email the online meeting. 

Your vote counts

For every voted registered, we’ll donate £5 to the charity Magic Breakfast. The charity provides free, healthy breakfasts to children in disadvantaged areas of the UK who arrive at school too hungry to learn.

You can read the Notice of Meeting here PDF (33 KB)

If you have any queries, please email

Selena Pritchard,

Company Secretary

Rules of the Society to be approved at the AGM

One of the resolutions on which we want you to vote relates to changes to the Society’s Rules.

We intend to launch a new range of pensions and investments products next year, and we want to make sure that customers who take out one of those new products become Members of the Society, exactly as customers who take out one of our existing products do today, including giving membership to both customers who take out a joint policy.

We also want to change the Rules to clarify some of the other provisions on Membership, and to update them to allow expressly for virtual AGMs and to reduce the number of Members who must attend for an AGM to be quorate.

Watch the 2021 AGM highlights

Missed last year's AGM or looking for a recap? You can read the minutes or catch up on the video highlights below.

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