Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Hear the latest from the Society

Every year, the Society holds an Annual General Meeting, giving our members the chance to have a say in how we run our business.

This year, to mark our 180th anniversary we recognised the huge commitment that the trusted professions we serve continue to make on the frontline of the pandemic. For every vote registered, Wesleyan Foundation donated £5 to charities providing confidential support to the mental wellbeing of doctors.

The latest meeting took place on 27th May 2021. You can read the minutes below or catch up on the video highlights.

Watch the highlights

Missed this year's AGM or looking for a recap? You can watch the highlights from the meeting below

Wesleyan Chair Nathan Moss

Chief Executive Mario Mazzocchi

Financial review from Gillian Cass

Martin Lawrence on investments

Wesleyan Foundation by Jessica Wilkes-Ball

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