"I'm proud to lead a team of dedicated specialist financial advisers who only work with dentists. Our advisers truly understand the dental world and the crucial life stages dentists go through. Tailored advice is given to ensure informed decisions can be made at the right stage for you and your business."

Iain Stevenson, Head of Dental

Helping you on life's journey

We have a dedicated team of specialists to help you throughout your unique journey to support you with both personal and commercial financial planning. Key milestones on life's journey we can offer support with include:

  • Student Support: As you train to become a dentist, our specialist financial advisers from Wesleyan Financial Services are here for you every step of the way - with expert guidance and protection to help you get your career off to a strong start.

  • Protection Advice: The pandemic has shown us that life is anything but predictable. We are here to protect you, your practice and your home - now and in the future.

  • Mortgage Advice*: Getting on the property ladder can be difficult, particularly if you’re self-employed and at the start of your career. We work with a range of lenders who have an understanding of how dentistry works and are prepared to take a more holistic view of your financial position than many of the high street lenders.

  • Family Finances: When we say we’re all about you, we mean your family too and they can benefit from the same financial planning support to help their finances flourish. As a parent, nothing matters more than giving your children the best possible start in life.

  • Pension Advice: You may think that all that pension stuff is a million miles away – particularly when you’re at the height of your career in dentistry. However, the sooner you start putting the right plans in place, the bigger the benefits are further down the line and the more pleased you’ll be that you started early.

  • Buying a Practice: When you’re looking to take this exciting step in your career, but are unsure of where to start, we can help you get the keys to your own practice.

  • Savings & Investments**: Inflation is a hot topic in the press recently, and it poses a significant risk to the value of your savings. When you have an excess of funds sitting in your personal or business accounts, investing could help you grow your money faster than simply saving, but it can be a little daunting knowing where to begin.

  • Retirement Planning: Realise your retirement dream. Retirement is more than planning your pension. It’s important to think about the number of hours you currently work in practice and how you would like to fill that time once you’ve downed tools.

  • Inheritance Tax Advice***: It’s not the nicest thing to think about, but as a dentist, you could be leaving a big inheritance tax (IHT) burden behind after you’re gone. That’s something you don’t want your loved ones to inherit.

  • Estate planning***: Estate planning is about making sure that all the things you own – whether it’s property, savings or investments – are passed on efficiently and in line with your wishes when you die. Then there’s the complexity of what happens to your practice if you’re a practice owner or part of a partnership to think about. A solid estate and business continuity plan means peace of mind for your family’s future – ensuring you’ve saved enough for retirement and that you’re providing for your family after you’re gone.

What stage of life’s journey are you planning for?

Let us help you plan your journey ahead truly understanding both your personal and commercial financial goals. We can arrange for you to speak to a specialist dental Wesleyan Financial Services Adviser at a time and date when it’s convenient for you – over the phone or online. Simply, fill in a few details and we will be in touch.

* Your mortgage is secured on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

** Please note the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in

*** The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts.