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Dental SJT: The answers

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See the solutions below to find out how you performed in the dental SJT mock questions.

Answer to question 1: CDBAE

Never judge another colleagues' work or criticise them in front of patients, as you never know the circumstances of the treatment – the patient might be difficult to treat or something else may have affected the quality of the treatment. C is the most appropriate course of action to take, then speak to the associate themselves. Reporting to the GDC/complaints procedure is disproportionate.

Answer to question 2: EBDAC

If a senior colleague can help you that would be best for the patient, and would also be a good learning experience. C is not being honest with the patient, and is therefore inappropriate.

Answer to question 3: EDCAB

B is unsafe, so is the least appropriate. E is best as you are doing something for the patient. Ideally, you would want to keep the patient, so you can learn from doing the treatment rather than just cancelling or rebooking with someone else if possible.

Answer to question 4:  CEBDA

Encouraging the nurse to resolve the situation herself and show insight and reflection will put her in better standing with the GDC, rather than reporting directly yourself.

Answer to question 5: DCABE

E is not appropriate and could be insulting to Dr Pablo. If he doesn’t know there are issues, he cannot make changes, so it must first be raised to him - hence D and C.

Practice questions and answers correct at time of publication.