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The best apps for dental students

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Almost everything we do in everyday life has an app, from online shopping to meditation. There are also some great apps for dental students that you can make use of to help you study during university and beyond.

We've picked the brains of dental professionals from across the UK to bring you a list of the best dental apps available to you – see their recommendations below.


Price: Free

At the very top of our list is SDCEP (Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme), a mobile app offering drug prescription guidance for dental conditions. From drug ingredients to dosage, SDCEP provides all the vital information you need to know when prescribing a drug to adults and/or children with dental-related issues.

The app is very user-friendly, allowing you to search for a particular drug or condition. It also enables you to add certain prescription guidelines to a ‘favourites’ folder for quick access.

Recommended by Dr Hassan Asad (General Dentist)

Tooth SOS

Price: Free

Tooth SOS is a mobile app that provides information to the patient and dental professional in the event of a traumatic tooth injury. When using Tooth SOS as a dental professional, you will have access to dental trauma guidelines, giving you detailed information about how to care for your patient and treat the dental injury.

Tooth SOS also provides the patient with emergency steps to take, should they experience a traumatic tooth-related injury.

Immersify Dental

Price: Free, but you will need to create a login

Imagine a mobile app that has interactive quizzes, lessons and games focused on dental anatomy, tooth morphology, dental charting and more. Designed in collaboration with dental professionals and lecturers around the world, Immersify Dental encourages dental students and professionals to brush up on their knowledge.

The mobile app uses AR (augurated reality) and 3D teeth models to help users learn new skills.

This is a firm favourite with Dr Yewande Oduwole (General Dentist)


Price: Free

Loved by dental professionals and students alike, this BNF (British National Formulary) mobile app provides up-to-date advice and information on the selection, prescribing and distribution of dental drugs. BNF offers specific facts and details about a variety of dental medicines with dosage information, side effects, uses and more.

The app itself is very user-friendly and allows the user to switch between adult and children treatments (BNFC).

Recommended by Dr Onkar Mudhar (DCT2 Oral Surgery)

Google Docs

Price: Free, but you will need a Google login

An oldie but goldie! Though Google Docs is not a dental-specific mobile app, it can be extremely useful for note-taking during university lectures, rotations and foundation training. Google Docs enables you to make notes, write essays and create presentations across multiple devices (mobile, tablet and laptop).

As Google Docs automatically save to your Google login, you can easily access your notes on any device with your login details.

With thanks to Dr Onkar Mudhar, Dr Yewande Oduwole and Dr Hassan Asad for their recommendations and contributions to this article.