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Five tips for planning your first outreach

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If you’re planning to work on outreach this year, this quick-fire blog is for you. We've asked five dental students to give their top tips for preparation, and this is what they said...

  • Work towards becoming more independent

    To get the most out of your placement, try to start thinking more independently. Review the treatment plan before your tutor arrives and think about what could be improved before they check it. This will help with your foundation year when you don’t always have a tutor on hand.

  • Work on your communication skills

    Find your own style of chatting to patients while you wait for the tutor. Practice explaining treatment options and outlining risks.

  • Have a plan for cancellations

    If a patient cancels, make sure you have something else to do – for example, your portfolio, practice questions or going through your lecture notes. I used Pastest SAQs, which was great. Even if you complete just one question in the time you have, you’re still learning something and it’s a good way of refreshing topics you need to revise.

  • Meal preparation

    Do some bulk cooking and build up meals in the freezer. It’s so nice not having to cook after a busy day, so you will thank yourself for doing this. It’s cheaper too! My favourites are chicken and chorizo paella and risottos because they freeze really well.

  • Stay on top of your portfolio

    Your portfolio can build up very quickly, so complete it little and often to prevent having to spend a lot of time on it towards the end of placement. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the experience and have fun.

Good luck!

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