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GPs face CQC fees proportionally five times higher than hospitals

GP practices will have to hand over a three to five times larger proportion of their annual funding than NHS trusts for CQC registration shortly as the CQC plans to recoup its full costs by increasing its annual fees.


Annual fees for the average GP practice which has a list size of between 5,000 and 10,000 registered patients will increase from £725 to £4,839 over the coming years, amounting to 0.47% of the average practice’s annual funding.


But for the average NHS trust, with a turnover of between £125m and £225m, fees will rise to almost £216,000, representing between just 0.10% and 0.17% of their income. This is three to five times smaller than the proportion GP practices will have to pay.


Female GP trainees outnumber their male counterparts by more than 2:1


Recently released figures show that female GP trainees outnumber their male counterparts by more than 2:1 across the UK.


Women are now in the majority for all age groups under 50 in the general practice workforce.


A total of 69% of all GP trainees across the UK are now women, figures from the GMC’s annual state of medical education and practice (SOMEP) report reveal. These numbers contrast with those of many other medical professions, which remain largely male dominated - some 71% of surgeons in training are male, as are 55% of ophthalmologists.


GMC data shows that women now represent 63% of GPs under 40, 56% of GPs aged 40-49 and 37% of those over 50.


The figures also show that the GP profession is becoming more ethnically diverse. The number of black and minority ethnic (BME) GPs has risen by almost a quarter (22%) since 2010, compared to a profession-wide increase of just 4%.



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