Pensions and retirement advice

Helping you through your career and beyond

Take a step towards your dream retirement

When you’re thinking about retirement, you might be dreaming of travelling the world or spending more time with your loved ones. What you might not be considering is the income you’ll need to fund your later years.

At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can help you build a plan for your retirement and beyond. Looking at your whole financial picture, we’re here to guide you down the road to retirement.

Your lifetime adviser

When you come to us for guidance, we'll pair you with a Specialist Financial Adviser. An adviser who is local to you, understands your aspirations and even specialises in your profession.

If you have an ideal retirement in mind, we can create a personalised plan based on the age you want to retire and the amount of income you might need. We'll review your plan annually, to keep you on track as you count down the days.

And if your goals, finances or circumstances change, your adviser is only ever a phone call away.

When we can help

Before you retire

Discuss your ideal retirement with us and we’ll build a personalised plan to help you get there

As you retire

We’ll guide you through the transition into retirement – from collecting your pension to investing your lump sum

Beyond retirement

We can help you manage your income, distribute your estate and more*

* Please note - The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate inheritance tax planning and trusts.

You can get advice on:

  • Starting a personal pension and building your pot
  • Annuities and other ways to collect your pension
  • Taking an early or flexi retirement
  • Managing your pension alongside your partner
  • Estate planning and gifting your money to friends, family and trusts
  • Making the most of tax allowances like the annual and lifetime allowance
  • Saving or investing to build your retirement income

For retirement and beyond

We’re not just here to help you retire. We’ll also support you as you enjoy life after work. We can help you keep the lifestyle you’ve acquired, grow your wealth and manage your estate.

And we don’t just offer financial advice. As well as ongoing wellbeing support, we can help you with other aspects of retiring, like will writing and gifting your money.

Advice tailored to your profession

Medical professionals

When retirement is on your mind, our Specialist Financial Advisers are here to help you plan for your post-work years. We help hospital doctors, self-employed locums, private GPs and other medical professionals.

You can get advice on:

  • The NHS Pension Scheme
  • The tapered annual allowance
  • Your NHS pension lump sum
  • Taking a flexible or early retirement

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Whether you’re new to the NHS Pension Scheme or it’s time to put down your tools, our Specialist Financial Advisers can help you along the road to retirement. 

Speak to us about:

  • Your NHS pension lump sum
  • Replacing your NHS benefits when moving to private dentistry
  • Selling your practice and maximising your income
  • Flexible or early retirement

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Our Specialist Financial Advisers are here to educate you on your options for retirement. Get a personalised plan to help you maximise your retirement income and make the most of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, or just ask us about:

  • Protecting your lifetime allowance
  • Taking a phased, early or late retirement
  • The McCloud judgement and what it means for you
  • Funding your retirement and distributing wealth

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