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In Search for Hidden Treasure

By Harry Apperley and Joe Dorgham

In Search for Hidden Treasure

Another sweaty week strolled past and swept us gratefully into further adventure. This time, our bearing was due south and with the wind on our back we once again traversed the mountains that saddle the country, landing at the more peaceful shores of Treasure Beach.

This centreless smattering of goat herder huts, terracotta roofed homes and beach bars hugs the coastline as it curls into four distinct bays. Boasting fine black sand and crystal waters, the area seems to dance to a different beat. If it's possible to be any more laid back in Jamaica, Treasure Beach is horizontal.

The perfect jumping off point for exploring the south coast, we twisted and turned our way back inland to the mountain town of Christiana, nestled in the thick greenery of rolling hills. We were greeted by the market day buzz; the hills pumping with the rhythm of a steel band and shouts of vendors boasting fresh produce from this fertile region.

After explaining to some locals our hope to hike to the elusive tumbling waters of 'blue hole', we were quickly allocated guides. Not in the form we expected however. Two young Jamaican women jumped into the back seat, one carrying a toddler as well as a significant bump with another on the way!

Despite the treacherous trail, they briskly led the charge. Some segments presented such difficulty that a game of 'pass the toddler' ensued. When the music stopped, Joe was the winner as the distraught child promptly deposited it's lunch all over him. Fortunately salvation was near as we swiftly leapt off yet another waterfall, shaded by untouched jungle.

Next stop was Alligator Pond. Like those the world over, this is a fishing village that time forgot. Expecting to draw the usual unwanted attention, we were relieved to find the locals did not bat an eyelid as they went about their business. The day's colourful catch was dealt out to throngs of women tending sizzling grills along the dusty strip that led down to the moored fishing fleet.

The weekend culminated with a visit to another bar that Jamaica has branded 'the worlds best'. The spectacular Pelican Bar perches precariously on driftwood stilts, a full kilometre offshore. The rickety construction serves a simple purpose perfectly, providing rum punch and Red Stripe to accompany sunsets that seem somehow closer, bringing a serene close to yet another adventure.

Over and out, Harry Apperley & Joe Dorgham

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