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Six in 10 teachers have not been given one per cent rise

Six in 10 teachers have not been given one per cent rise

The government's 1% public sector pay rise has not been received by six in 10 teachers in England, new research suggests.

The figures also show that Black and minority ethnic teachers, female teachers and disabled teachers are even less likely to have received the government's pay increase.

A study of more than 8,000 teachers in England found that 59% have not yet had confirmation that they will be getting the 2016/17 public sector pay award. This figure stood at 64% for Black and minority ethnic teachers, 64% for teachers with disabilities, and 62% for women teachers.

The survey by the NASUWT amongst 8,0000 teachers took place in December towards the end of the autumn term.

The government has already set out plans to limit public sector pay rises to 1% a year for the four years from 2016/17. The School Teachers' Review Body (STRB) is currently considering the pay award for 2017/18 with its recommendations due in April. Education secretary Justine Greening has asked the STRB to respect the 1% target when it reports.

The NASUWT, which carried out the research, is warning that teachers' pay is now up to 25% behind that of other graduate occupations - a problem that is fuelling the teacher recruitment difficulties facing schools.

The NASUWT research also raises concerns about performance-related pay processes in schools. The study found that 53% of teachers were set objectives in the performance management process last year "that they felt were unrealistic and unachievable".

79% of teachers said that objectives set for them as part of performance management included requirements that were not in their control. Furthermore, half of teachers did not discuss CPD at all as part of their performance management objectives.

And in terms of those eligible for incremental pay progression (separate to the annual 1% pay award), 60% of teachers have not yet received it.

Source: Sec Ed

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