Community and citizenship

Doing the right thing for people and communities

In addition to critical issues such as climate change and responsible investing, we care about people and societal issues and our role in supporting the community.

Since the launch of the Wesleyan Foundation in 2017 it has donated over £3.5 million to more than 500 charities, community groups and social enterprises, benefitting thousands of people across the UK. These included:

  • A £50,000 donation to Magic Breakfast, a charity that provides breakfasts to school children; those who might otherwise go hungry have a healthy meal each morning.
  • Various donations to a range of charities that support mental and physical health, community and environmental projects, education and social development.
  • Urgent financial support to help local grass roots organisations impacted by Covid-19 crisis through the Coronavirus Resilience Fund.
  • £100,000 to charitable organisations providing mental health and wellbeing support to our professions through the pandemic.
  • A £25,000 donation to Small Woods Association (SWA), to create four sustainable woodlands across the UK.

Other initiatives include:

  • Every Wesleyan employee has the opportunity to spend two days volunteering 
  • Launched MicroTyco in Birmingham, an entrepreneurial training programme for schools that fosters creative thinking, resourcefulness and team work as well as helping pupils to develop financial literacy, communication, leadership, project management and networking skills.
  • Partnered with Governors for Schools programme to provide between 10-12 volunteer School Governors to schools across the midlands during 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Supported the Social Mobility Network and The Girls Network.
  • Worked with Suited for Success, collecting lightly used business wear.
  • Partnered with the Trussell Trust to collect food for the North Birmingham Food Bank.
  • Participated in the Homelessness Task Force in Birmingham.

We’re proud to purchase all of our stationery through WildHearts. They use their activities and profits to create global change and improve the lives of people across the world, like addressing social mobility by equipping young people with key development and employability skills, and tackling gender inequality in the developing world.

As a result of the partnership between WildHearts and Wesleyan, 747 lives have been impacted in 2020.


We have been major investors in Home REIT since its launch in 2020. Home REIT is the UK's first real estate investment trust tackling homelessness in the UK. They contribute to alleviating homelessness, by providing good quality accommodation to homeless and vulnerable individuals.

The company works with a number of regulated organisations to provide accommodation to homeless people with the intention of teaching them new skills to get them back to providing for themselves.