As a mutual, our ethos of care is at the heart of our company. It’s in our DNA and it has been since 1841. Because we believe that when we work together, our collective efforts have the power to make a difference. 

How we make a difference

From how and where we invest your money, to the way we serve our communities and run our business, we are proactively seeking opportunities to be a positive force for change in a number of key areas of sustainability.

Sustainable investing

When you invest with Wesleyan, you're investing in companies that seek to reduce harm, have a positive impact and drive positive change. Companies that can provide a positive return on your investment in more ways than one.

Community and citizenship

At Wesleyan, we’ve always recognised our responsibility to the communities around us. That’s why we created the Wesleyan Foundation, to provide financial support to the organisations that promote health, education and social development.

Since 2017, we've donated millions to countless causes across the UK.

Business impact

Looking after you and your world starts with us, and how we manage our business on your behalf.

We’re committed to being operationally carbon neutral by the end of 2023 - and for the whole organisation, including our investments portfolio, to be carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.

See below how we're working towards our target...

Activity is well underway to help us achieve our target of being carbon neutral by the end of 2023...

  • Reducing our use of paper and printing
    Our long-term ambition is to have paperless offices and reduce paperwork needing to be sent to our customers. As we work to get there, we offset the effect of paper printing by reforesting areas such as the Dominican Republic, Ireland, Madagascar and Mexico through Print Releaf. We also reuse 80% of our printer toner cartridges with the remainder being recycled so none are sent to landfill or incineration.
  • Waste reduction
    None of our waste is sent to landfill – 90% is recycled with 10% used as Refused Derived Fuel. Activities to encourage staff engagement with this include Zero Waste workshops.
  • Sustainable practices in our offices
    We’re continuing to make changes in our offices to reduce our carbon emissions – from big ticket items such as changing our electricity tariffs, through to introducing reusable bio-degradable plates for meetings replacing more than 4,600 single use paper plates a year.
  • Travel
    We are reducing our business travel as much as possible and support our employees through the Cycle to Work Scheme. We’re committed to supporting the Birmingham Clean Air Zone initiative.
  • Suppliers
    Our sustainability principles are embedded into our procurement policies and we will put this commitment over any short-term commercial considerations when choosing suppliers, outsourcers and other business partners. All of our stationery is purchased through Wild Hearts, an organisation that uses their activities and profits to create global change and improve the lives of people across the world.
  • Collaborating with the wider business community
    We are proud signatories of the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero and for a green recovery from Covid-19.

Driving change - a more inclusive Wesleyan

As well as our sustainability goals, we have also set targets to become a more diverse and inclusive company by having more women and BAME colleagues in our senior leadership grades (40% and 20% respectively by 2025).

We have action plans in place and have signed up to initiatives such as the 30% club to help meet these goals.

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Wesleyan Foundation

Since the launch of the Wesleyan Foundation in 2017 it has donated over £5 million to more than 500 charities, community groups and social enterprises, benefitting thousands of people across the UK. 

Sustainable investing

At Wesleyan, our role isn’t just about managing your money. We’re  dedicated to ensuring the way it’s invested delivers better outcomes for you, the environment and the community you live in.