At Wesleyan Financial Services, our Dental Specialist Financial Planners can provide one-to-one advice on complex financial matters that are important to you - whether you're an NHS dentist or thinking of making the move into private practice.

Meet the team

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca is an experienced Specialist Financial Planner dedicated to providing the best possible advice for her clients, enabling them to meet their financial goals and aspirations.

She has over 20 years' experience as a financial professional and specialises in advising dentists on all aspects of their personal and business finances. This includes a range of complex matters, such as pre and post-retirement planning, estate planning and commercial investments.

Rebecca values building trusted and long-standing relationships with clients that often extend family-wide.

Graham Hutton

Graham is a Specialist Financial Planner who has been providing tailored financial support and guidance for over 30 years.

He joined Wesleyan 17 years ago, offering expertise that extends across a range of complex financial areas, making him a trusted partner for dentists, their families and their practices.

Graham specialises in advice relating to both pre and post-retirement planning, estate and legacy planning, commercial investments and all elements of practice protection - from business agreements to liaising with accountants.

His holistic approach integrates business success with financial stability, creating a solid foundation for the future of each his clients.