Is Wesleyan’s financial advice free?

Learn about advice charges for investments and pensions

You will only pay for the investment advice you receive from Wesleyan Financial Services if you choose to take out a plan or policy as a result of that advice. This charge would be taken automatically from your plan.

While a Specialist Financial Adviser will often make a recommendation for you, there’s no obligation for you to take out a plan or policy with Wesleyan.

If you do decide to take out a Wesleyan product, the fee you pay is known as an Initial Advice Charge. This is typically taken as a percentage of your initial investment.

You can also choose to opt in for the Ongoing Advice Service, which provides you with regular ongoing advice for an extra charge.

You can find out more about these advice charges, and learn about advice costs for insurance, protection and mortgage products, in our full guide to advice charges.