My Wesleyan has changed

Please register for the new My Wesleyan

In May 2023, we officially launched a new and improved My Wesleyan portal.

Before logging in to the new My Wesleyan for the first time, you just need to complete a quick registration and set up your password. 

Please try to complete your registration using the existing information we hold for you. This helps us verify you as a previous My Wesleyan user. You can then update your details once you have logged in.

Already using the new My Wesleyan?

If you have already started using the new My Wesleyan, you can log-in here. If you're not sure which version of My Wesleyan you've been using, please see FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

  • I'm not sure if I need to register?

    You will need to register if you haven't used the new My Wesleyan portal before.

    The new My Wesleyan log-in screen looks like this:


    The old My Wesleyan log-in screen looks like this:

    If you last logged into the old portal, you will need to register on the new one.

  • Can I still use the old My Wesleyan?

    No, the old My Wesleyan portal has been decommissioned. You'll need to register for the new one in order to check and manage your plans.

    You can still expect to see most of the features you had access to in the old portal - plus a host of new ones.

  • What can I expect from the new My Wesleyan?

    The new My Wesleyan includes:

    • Smoother login process with enhanced security
    • More details available on the plans you hold
    • New Financial Outline feature to help provide information to your Specialist Financial Adviser, saving time during appointments
    • New, comprehensive help and support centre
    • Regular updates and improvements based on customer feedback
  • Is there a new My Wesleyan app?

    Yes - but you'll need to complete your registration for the new My Wesleyan before using the new app.

    Once you've completed registration, search 'My Wesleyan' in the app store.

    Please note, if you currently use the old My Wesleyan app, it won't automatically update. You'll need to download the new app manually.