What is the Ongoing Advice Service (OAS)?

The Ongoing Advice Service (OAS) is an optional service where your Specialist Financial Adviser from Wesleyan Financial Services will provide pro-active advice and guidance on any relevant changes to taxation, regulations or your professional entitlement, to ensure the products you hold remain right for you.

If you opt into the Ongoing Advice Service, either when you take out a product or at a later date, you will pay a fee called the Ongoing Advice Charge. This will be applied to all Wesleyan investment and pension products (excluding annuities) you hold with us.

You won’t receive a bill for the charge. It’s taken automatically through your plan(s) by cashing in units, usually each month. We will provide an annual statement which details the costs and charges taken over the period.

You can find out more about the OAS here.

Managing your OAS

If you wish to opt in or out of the Ongoing Advice Service (OAS), or have a query about the Ongoing Advice Charge (OAC), you can call us on 0808 149 9416.