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By Wesleyan

The crisis in Ukraine - A note to investors

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Ukraine flag

The crisis in Ukraine is concerning and no-one can predict how events will play out. Our thoughts are with those impacted by these events and in conflict zones around the globe.

Wesleyan’s charitable Foundation will be offering practical support by donating £10,000 to charities supporting the medical humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and around the world. We are grateful to the international medical community for their unrelenting efforts to save lives in times of crisis.

A focus on the markets

As a responsible mutual, it is important we offer some reassurance to investors as stock markets are likely to remain volatile for the near future as a result of current events.

As a mutual, with no shareholders to answer to, Wesleyan has always taken a long-term view to benefit our members and customers. Maintaining a high level of financial strength sits at the heart of our strategy and allows us to stand strong and not be thrown off course by events around us. 

This has helped us to survive significant world events since we were founded in 1841, including two world wars, global depressions, the financial crisis of 2008 and more recently the Covid-19 pandemic.

Huge global and geo-political events like these can cause severe volatility in investment markets. However history has shown that, even after periods of significant falls, markets recover and rise over time. Maintaining a long-term view may be difficult at the moment but it’s likely to offer the best results for the future.

Our portfolios are designed to help cushion investors from unexpected market uncertainty. We will be maintaining our long-term view and believe our portfolios are well-positioned with diversification across and within asset classes, sectors and regions wherever possible, depending on each fund’s specific remit and risk level. 

We will continue to act as responsible guardians of our customers’ money, as we have done for the past 180 years.

Please remember the value of investments and any income can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.