Approaching retirement

Discover your options for taking your pension

Whether you’re dreaming of world cruises or days on the golf course, how you choose to take your pension is key to enjoying your ideal retirement.

You have the freedom to take your pension in several ways. Let’s explore and weigh up your pension options.

Your pension, your way

Taking a guaranteed pension income

Looking for a stable income for your retirement? Learn more about purchasing a guaranteed income for life, otherwise known as an annuity, to give you some peace of mind during your later years. 

Taking a flexible pension income

See how you can take income directly from your pension as and when you need it with flexi-access drawdown and enjoy the freedom of dipping into your pension pot. You’ll have control over your pension pot and the funds it’s invested in.

Other ways to take your pension

Taking a cash lump sum from your pension

Get access to your entire pension pot by taking all or some of your pension fund as cash lump sums. 

Mixing your pension options

You’ve worked hard for your pension. Now it’s time to make your pension work for you. See how you can mix your pension options.

Deferring your pension benefits

If you’ve reached retirement and don’t need to access your pension straight away, then it could pay to leave your pension pot untouched.