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Key Information Documents

Along with all other providers of packaged retail insurance based investment products in the European Union,  Wesleyan Assurance Society is required to produce one or more Key Information Documents (or 'KIDs') for each investment product we offer.

Each KID is unique to the product, with key information that you need to know and understand prior to purchasing the product.

It is not marketing material but it is designed to help you understand the nature, risks, costs and potential gains and losses of the product and to help you compare it with other products.

Included within the KID is, among other key information:

  • Objectives of the product and it's intended benefits
  • An indication of the risk involved
  • Performance scenarios which help demonstrate a range of example returns
  • Initial and ongoing costs and a breakdown of the total costs
  • Details of the minimum recommended investment period

If you have any questions about the information contained in a KID you can contact our Customer Relationship Centre or your Financial Financial Services Consultant.

What is the Ongoing Advice Service (OAS)

If you opt into the Wesleyan Financial Services Limited (WFS) Ongoing Advice Service, either when you take out a product or at a later date, you will have ongoing contact with your Wesleyan Financial Services Consultant and you will pay a fee called the Ongoing Advice Charge.

As part of this they will contact you to offer you a financial review at least once a year or you can request one at any time and they will keep you informed about relevant changes to taxation, regulations or your professional entitlement and provide advice and guidance when you need it.

Full details of the WFS Ongoing Advice Service can be found in their document 'About our services and costs and how we do business with you'.

The drop down menu's below will help you find the right KID for your existing investment or the one you are looking to invest in.

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If you are unsure which Key Information Document applies to you or you require a Key Information Document not listed above, please contact our Customer Relationship Centre on 0800 058 2965.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm and 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. Or, you can speak to your Wesleyan Financial Services Consultant.

For information on our personal finance products, visit our investments and savings home page.

For information on the funds we offer visit our investments centre - providing you with a range of insight from a beginners guide to investing, to our investment fund prices and performance information. To go direct to our fund prices, visit our fund prices and performance page.

Capital Investment Bond

Flexible Savings Plan

With Profits ISA

The links below will help you find the right KID for your existing investment or the one you are looking to invest in.

If you have a v9 ISA, it will say With Profits ISA v9 on your Policy Document and Policy  Schedule. If it doesn’t say this, you have a previous version.

Opted into Ongoing Advice Service (OAS)

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Regular Premium

Opted out of Ongoing Advice Service (OAS)

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