Wesleyan Are All About You

As a mutual we measure our commitment to doing the right thing in several ways:

  • Investing for the long term to build on our financial strength
  • Building lifelong relationships with our customers planning for greater
    financial responsibility
  • Providing excellent customer service - 97% feel valued as a customer*
  • Sharing in our success by offering Mutual Benefits to our members

*Wesleyan Sales Survey 2018 - 8, 9 &10 out of 10. (Base size 818 respondents)

What we do
Wesleyan has had the interests of its members at its core since it was founded in Birmingham in 1841.

In recent years, it has developed a highly successful business model providing tailored financial advice and products to select professional groups, notably GPs, hospital doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers and a range of commercial financial products for the organisations in which they are employed.

Each segment is served by dedicated Financial Consultants who work only within that segment and thus build-up specialist knowledge of their professional customers.

GPs, Hospital Doctors and Dentists

We have a long standing heritage of providing a full range of financial products and services exclusively for medical and dental professionals. Whether you're a student, a partner or a consultant, we can help with advice on many areas of financial planning such as NHS Pension Scheme, income protection and savings and investments.


Designed to cater for the financial needs of the teaching profession, our expertise and experience, gained from working in conjunction with the NASUWT and other unions, enables us to assist you with everything from the Teachers Pension Scheme, to retirement planning and mortgages to investments.

NASUWT is an introducer appointed representative of Wesleyan Financial Services Limited. Through Wesleyan Bank, we also provide specific finance to educational institutes for investment in assets such as vehicles, buildings and IT.


From law school to a senior partnership, we can offer financial advice every step of the way. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal profession means we can offer products and services - from income protection and key person insurance, to retirement planning and investments - specially tailored for your personal and professional requirements.


For professionals, from accountants to surveyors, whether you're considering remortgaging*, investments, income protection, pension planning or home insurance. Through Wesleyan Bank we can now provide payment over time options to suppliers of equipment, IT and other assets to these industries.


Wesleyan Bank offers a range of commercial finance products to SME's that cover long to short term loan and lease products to fund expenses such as Tax and VAT bills, insurance premiums, IT and other asset acquisitions.

We are all about you.

Since we were founded over 176 years ago, we have cherished our mutual status. It's an integral part of who we are and with no shareholders, our focus is on members and customers.

We work to benefit those who invest in our business. Not only today, but also in the future.

It's why 'we are all about you'.

Existing Members

As we have no shareholders to satisfy with short-term returns, we can take a more responsible medium to long-term view. This allows our members to share in the Society's success.

Openness and honesty have always been a vital part of the Wesleyan philosophy, which is why we do our utmost to keep you informed on what the Society is doing and achieving.

As a member you could also be entitled to benefits and discounts.
Annual General Meeting
When you become a member of the Society, you are entitled to have a say in the administration of the Society through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at 2.00pm on Thursday 23 May 2019 at Wesleyan Head Office, Colmore Circus, Birmingham B4 6AR.

The Wesleyan Foundation also launched in April 2017, a grant-giving body designed to provide support to charities, voluntary and community groups. 

If you have any queries, please contact:

Selena Pritchard, Company Secretary
Tel: 0121 200 9165

How to become a Member
One of the distinctive features of Wesleyan is its mutual status. This means we are owned by, and run for, the benefit of our members, who share in the Society's success.

A number of customers have asked us about how to become a member, below details exactly that. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Membership of the Society

In order to be a member of the Society a person must be a policyholder of a qualifying policy of insurance. A qualifying policy is any subsisting policy issued in the ordinary life department, any policy issued after 28 April 1998 or any policy issued prior to 29 April 1998 where, on or after this date, premiums payable are increased by £25 per month or more, or additional benefits are allocated as a result of an additional single premium (other than a single premium received from the Contributions Agency).

These are basic requirements of membership but they do not necessarily confer membership as there are various exceptions included in the Rules of the Society. Holders of Industrial Assurance policies are not members of the Society. Holders of policies which have been transferred to the Society under Schedule 2C of the Insurance Companies Act 1982 are also not members.

For policies issued after 28 April 2000, a qualifying policy requires to have been in force for two years before membership is conferred unless the new policy was issued within a period of not more than one month after the date of cessation of another qualifying policy.

Any policy issued by the Society to the Trustees in respect of annuity business effected within the Society of Trustees of an occupational pension scheme to secure all or part of the accrued rights of 100 or more members of that scheme in a single transaction shall not confer any rights of membership in the Society nor shall any policy issued subsequently by the Society to the individual members of that scheme under that arrangement.

Any person who is an employee of the Society and makes additional voluntary contributions after 1 May 2006 for pension entitlements under the Wesleyan Assurance Society Group AVC Policy shall forthwith be a members of the Society, even though no qualifying policy is issued direct to such a person and the trustees of such a scheme shall not be a members of the Society.

Members are not liable for any debts or sums of money due or to become due by the Society, apart from policy premiums and/or as separately contracted.

A number of documents that may be of interest to members and non-members are provided in the Corporate Governance section of this website.

'WESLEYAN’ is a trading name of the Wesleyan Group of companies.

Wesleyan Assurance Society and Wesleyan Bank Ltd are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Wesleyan Financial Services Ltd, Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers Ltd, Practice Plan Ltd and DPAS Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Advice about investments, insurance and mortgages is provided by Wesleyan Financial Services Ltd.

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