Protection claims

Here’s how to claim on life and protection policies…


Below, you’ll find details on how to claim on a Wesleyan protection policy. If you have a policy through another provider, you will need to contact them directly. 

If you’re not sure who provides your policy, please just call our Customer Relationship Centre on 0800 092 19 90.

Income protection claims

If you need to make a claim on your income protection policy, call us on 0800 316 5049. We will send you a claim form and let you know what information we need from you in order to process the claim.

To find out more about what will happen during the claims process, please read this guide to making a claim.

Life policy claims

We appreciate the difficult nature of dealing with the passing of a loved one. The circumstances surrounding a claim on a life policy will vary greatly, please just call our Customer Relationship Centre on 0800 092 19 90, and a customer adviser will help you. 

We will arrange for the necessary claim forms to be sent to you. These will detail the information we need in order to deal with your claim promptly.

Bereavement Advice Centre

There are lots of practical issues to manage when someone dies. Bereavement Advice Centre (BAC) supports and advises people on what they need to do after a death.

The BAC provides a free national helpline and website, providing information and advice on a range of topics like registering the death, arranging a funeral, inheritance tax and probate.

To speak to them, call 0800 082 1215, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Or visit

Taking money out of your policy

If you wish to take money out of your policy, we can arrange for a cheque to be sent. Please note we can only make payment to the policy owner(s).

We may need to send you necessary paperwork for completion before processing your application.

Please send your encashment request to:

Life Claims Department
Wesleyan Assurance Society
Colmore Circus
B4 6AR

Claiming the proceeds of a maturing policy

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks before your policy is due, we will send you a maturity pack. In the pack, you will be given the opportunity to re-invest all or part of your policy into a variety of products. 

If you choose not to take a further investment, a cheque request form will be enclosed in your maturity pack. In all cases, we require the return of the original policy document*.

Please note we can only make payment to the policy owner(s).

Please send your claim request to:

Life Claims Department
Wesleyan Assurance Society
Colmore Circus
B4 6AR

*If you have lost your policy document (the Schedule), we will require you to complete an indemnity form. Just ask us for one.

Please note that if your policy is linked to a mortgage, the original document may still be with your mortgage lender. Alternatively, they may have made arrangements to send the policy document to the solicitors who dealt with the sale of your house. 

Please take the necessary steps to establish if the policy has actually been lost, as you may incur a cost for its replacement.

Tracing unclaimed policies

If you have a policy that you have forgotten about, or you’re acting on behalf of a deceased family member, we may be able to help you trace the policy to enable a claim to be paid.

In order for us to deal with your claim promptly, we’ll need the following information:

  • Full name of policyholder
  • Policy number
  • Date of birth
  • Address from where payments were made or collected.
  • Premium receipt book or any other evidence that premiums were paid.

While we will do our best to trace your policy, it may be difficult if you are unable to provide some or all of this information. In some cases, we may need to ask you for more details.

You may also wish to check the Unclaimed Assets Register (UAR). The Register contains details of unclaimed financial assets held by insurers, pension providers, financial institutions and listed companies.

The service is provided by Experian and aims to help you locate your lost assets and put you in touch with the financial providers to claim your money. Please note a fee is payable if you wish to carry out a search.

Industrial Branch Policies

In 1866, Wesleyan began to sell industrial life assurance, for which premiums were collected through a weekly door-to-door collection. These policies were often taken out to insure the life of a child or to cover funeral expenses.

The claim value on such policies is usually very low (£10 to £15), as the premiums were often as little as a penny. However, if you have one of these policies and believe it is unclaimed, contact us with the information listed above and we will try to trace the policy for you.