Extra care

From taking care of your finances to taking care of yourself, discover all the ways we can support you

We all need a little extra support sometimes. Whether you are struggling with your finances, having health challenges or just need to contact us in a way that works for you, there's help at hand.

Financial help

Need help understanding or managing your finances? We have some great resources to help you manage your money better. If you don't feel confident looking after your finances alone, you can appoint someone you trust to speak to us on your behalf.

Financial wellbeing

We know that keeping on top of your finances can be difficult. Whether it's tips for creating a budget or understanding credit scores, we're here to help.

Allow someone to speak to us on your behalf 

Want help managing your plans? A letter of authority allows you to nominate someone to discuss financial details with us on your behalf.

Worried about investment scams?

Investment scams are on the rise, and can be hard to spot. Read our guide to see how you can protect yourself from scammers.

Citizens Advice Service

Need impartial financial guidance? Citizens Advice gives independent advice to millions of people in the UK every year.

Step Change (Debt advice)

If you're struggling with debt, Step Change can provide tools, tips and a tailored plan to help you get your finances back on track.

Bereavement - help in difficult times

Coping with a loss can be incredibly hard. These resources may help you find your next step forward.

Let us know about a death

If you're managing the affairs of somebody who has passed away, here's how to contact us. We've tried to make the process as simple as possible.

Bereavement Advice Centre

You don’t have to go through grief alone. If you need practical advice or emotional support, you can visit the Bereavement Advice Centre or call them on 0800 634 9494.

National Bereavement Service (NBS)

National Bereavement Service (NBS) provides bespoke practical and emotional bereavement support. Get help today.

Accessibility support

From accessible documents to alternative contact methods, we aim to provide a variety of ways for you to manage your relationship with us. Find out how you can speak to us and hear from us in a way that works for you.

Mental health and caring for others

If you struggle with mental health, or you care for someone that does, these resources may come in handy.

NHS mental health services

Find out how to access NHS mental health services, including 24-hour mental health helplines.

Mind charity

Mind is a mental health charity offering valuable support to people going through a tough time. It also provides advice on how to support people around you who may be struggling.

Register a power of attorney

With a power of attorney, you give other people the authority to help you make financial decisions, or make decisions on your behalf. Learn how to set one up and register it with Wesleyan.

Apply to be someone's deputy

If you believe that somebody close to you does not have the mental capacity to make financial decisions for themselves, you can apply to become their deputy.

Carers UK

The UK's leading charity for unpaid carers, Carers UK provides a host of expert information, advice and support to help you in your role as a carer.