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Are you looking to insure a property with subsidence history?

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind that their home is protected. But if your property has a history of subsidence, you may find that standard home insurers won’t cover you. At Wesleyan Financial Services, we can find you subsidence insurance from our panel of specialist insurers. You can get cover for your buildings and contents, without having to pay through the roof.

  • 20% off for eligible Wesleyan members (terms apply)
  • Protect your home from the inside out, with cover for buildings and contents
  • Cover for homes that have a history of subsidence
  • Cover for properties that have been underpinned (have extra foundation support)
  • Protection if you live in a high-risk area or have neighbouring subsidence

Why choose Wesleyan Financial Services?

At Wesleyan, we act as a broker to find subsidence insurance that’s tailored to your needs. And as no two homes are the same, you can choose a level of cover that’s right for you. With 20% off for eligible members, you can insure as much or as little as you like, whether that’s just your building or your contents too.

We don’t discriminate against homes that have a history of subsidence or that have been underpinned as a result. You can get cover for issues caused by past events, including fractures and hairline cracks in your home’s structure.

We can also find you cover if you’re looking to safeguard against potential subsidence or sinking on your property. For example, if your neighbours’ homes have been affected or you live in a high-risk area.


What causes subsidence?

Subsidence is where the ground beneath a building sinks, pulling the property’s foundation with it. Generally, subsidence occurs when the ground loses moisture and sinks. It can be caused by a variety of environmental factors. Even if your property doesn’t yet have a history of subsidence, you may be at risk if you have any of the following:

  • Clay soil – This can shrink, crack and shift during hot, dry weather.
  • Trees and shrubs – Some vegetation absorbs a lot of water, drying out the nearby soil.
  • Leaking drains and water mains – This can wash away soil, particularly sandy or gravely soil.
  • Local mining activity – Old mines and quarry sites that were filled can cause instability if the material collapses.

Your home’s foundations can also move because of:

  • Heave – When the ground beneath a building moves upwards.
  • Landslip/landslide – When the ground beneath a building moves down a slope, taking the property with it.

How subsidence insurance protects you

At best, subsidence can cause minor structural issues to your home, like cracks in your walls and ceilings. At worst, it can cause serious damage to your property, making it unsafe to live in. Insuring your home not only provides peace of mind for you and your family, but it helps ease the cost of any repairs or rebuilding.

Important information

Limits and exclusions apply. Full terms and conditions of the policy and cover, including the policy benefits and exclusions will be contained in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary (available at the time of receiving a quote). Risk must be acceptable to underwriters at normal term.

Wesleyan Financial Services is a credit broker and our insurance products are provided by a number of insurers.

The offer is only available through our advised service for which a fee applies. There is no guarantee that the money you could save by using the offer will be more than the cost of using this advised service.