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Women in Finance Charter

Wesleyan has signed the Women in Finance Charter in February 2018

The Charter requires financial services companies to make improvements in the ratio of women in senior positions - something we are 100% committed to.

Being an inclusive and diverse organisation is extremely important to us and that's why we're delighted and proud to support the Charter. 

Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds and we want to reflect this diversity within our own people, helping us to do what's right both for the business as well as the doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers we serve.

WIF-Charter-MarkWe are passionate about achieving diversity and creating an inclusive culture.

Research shows we make better decisions with a diverse group of people involved. We want to foster a positive working environment in which people feel included, and our diversity celebrated.

As part of our commitment to the Charter, Wesleyan aims for 33% female representation within our senior management population (defined as our Non-Executive Directors, Executives and Senior Managers) by 2023.

We firmly believe we're able to achieve this target, which is in line with other organisations in the financial services sector. We do not see 33% as being our permanent target, it's merely the one for this stage of our journey.

Some of our current initiatives to support our gender diversity aims include:

  • Unconscious bias training for all staff - designed to allow us to understand our own inherent bias and learn how to make better decisions
  • A gender employee network group - which gives people from all genders the opportunity to have their say and seek support
  • Anonymised CVs - so we can recruit the very best people, regardless of their background
  • A five-year membership of WISE - the campaign for gender balance in the UK science, technology and engineering sectors

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